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MBA Students Take 2018 "Doing Business in… Australia" Course

In January, a group of MBA students traveled to Sydney for the “Doing Business in (DBi) Australia” course. Students attended lectures on topics ranging from the financial sector and the intersection of government and business, to business norms in Australia. Additionally, the group braved new heights with the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb and made a visit to the Hunter Valley Winery region.

“While in Australia, I learned a lot about doing business on a global scale that will directly relate to my MBA coursework,” said MBA student Jenna Charles. “In all of my case studies, I'm now constantly thinking about how these global companies manage the complex aspects on running an international business - from the supply chain all the way to the different consumer preferences. These lessons also allowed me to be a more global thinker, and consider how U.S.-based companies need to consider international expansion. It's not as easy as just reading a book -- it was such a comprehensive lesson to see firsthand how companies have failed in attempting international expansion and understand how those lessons can apply cross-industries.”

A complete photo gallery from the trip can be viewed here

Group of MBA students in Sydney