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Executive-in-Residence Paul Tice discusses climate change and government regulation

Excerpt from Fox Business -- "I think that we have not had a public discussion about man-made climate change and whether carbon and other greenhouse gases are causing that man-made climate change. And we cannot have that conversation in the Congress. Obviously, that is not the right place to do it. It's become such a political discussion. The EPA, given their technical background, I think is probably the closest we will come to an organized public debate. And I think in the first year that the Endangerment Rule was rolled out and carbon dioxide was labeled a pollutant, there were a number of problems, I think, with that process. It was rushed. The actual source research that they used, we have 10 more years now of information. We have 10 more years of climate models misfiring. And I think we need to look at it with fresh eyes."

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