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Professor Ingo Walter spoke to approximately 80 executives comprised of MS in Risk Management students, MS in Global Finance and Stern alumni, and members of the Hong Kong Society of Finance Analysts gathered in Hong Kong on March 7. The event was the first session of the Global Finance Seminar Series 2014 offered at HKUST by the MS in Global Finance program.

Professor Walter, who is one of the founding academic directors of the MS in Global Finance program as well as the founding academic director of the MS in Risk Management program, discussed the complex and dynamic issues that confront the global asset management industry such as risk management, regulation and governance, operations and technology.

From his latest publication, Global Asset Management: Strategies, Risks, Processes and Technologies, Professor Walter addressed the inception of the book, stating, "You really cannot be taken seriously unless you emphasize data." Professor Walter collected the thoughts of experts – insiders as well as outsiders with no conflicts of interest – on the complex and dynamic issues that challenge the global asset management industry.