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Stern’s Government and Business Association MBA Club Hosts a Dialogue on Occupy Wall Street

Some 200 students gathered on November 30, 2011, for a panel discussion on the Occupy Wall Street movement, hosted by the Stern Government and Business Association (GBA) MBA club. The panel, moderated by Vice Dean for Graduate Education Adam Brandenburger, featured Justin Wedes, New York City general assembly organizer for Occupy Wall Street; David Paterson, former governor of New York; Andrew Serwer, managing editor of Fortune magazine; and Roy Smith, Kenneth G. Langone professor of entrepreneurship and finance. The panelists reflected on the sentiment behind the Occupy Wall Street movement and assessed the movement’s successes and challenges.  A very lively floor discussion followed.

ows adam
Dean Adam Brandenburger: It has been said that this may be the greatest social unraveling since the Great Depression.

ows david
David Patterson: Revolutions begin with hope, and when you have it, it’s precious.

ows roy
Professor Roy Smith: We’re dealing now with a fear that our economic system has become unfair and uneven, and we don’t know who to blame.

ows andrew
Andrew Serwer: The one percent needs to face a tax increase…it goes a long way to addressing the notion of unfairness in our society.

ows justin
Justin Wedes: We are a young movement. To see in two short months a group of a few people in a park turn into thousands across the world…I think speaks volumes to what we’ve been able to accomplish without specific demands…the demands will come and will be created collaboratively.