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Intersect Possible

In 2014, 18 Full-Time MBA students pursued summer internships at the intersection of business and society, with funding from Stern’s Social Impact Internship Fund (SIIF).

Each student shared a favorite photo and rewarding aspect of his/her internship.

Stern created the Social Impact Internship Fund (SIIF) to support first-year, full-time MBA students who would like to pursue summer internships at the intersection of business and society, where they can use their business education to impact the broader world around them.

Stern funded 18 SIIF Fellows in 2014. As featured in the slideshow above, the students interned for diverse organizations ranging from a clean energy company to a micro-fund in Africa to the National Park Service.

The SIIF Fellows’ MBA classmates also help support the program. Stern’s Social Enterprise Association and Luxury & Retail Club team up each year for a "Think Social, Drink Local" event featuring a runway show that showcases local fashion designers, and all proceeds support SIIF. In what has become a much-anticipated annual event, Stern MBA students and administrators (including Dean Henry this year) model the fashions, and the event is catered with locally produced food and drinks. Event organizers and past SIIF Fellows share their experiences in the video below: