Advanced Professional Certificates

General Business

Customize your course of study from a breadth of business electives.

Customize Coursework to Your Academic Interests

Interested in taking courses in a few different areas of business? The Advanced Professional Certificate in General Business empowers you to build your own broad business curriculum.

General Business APC Requirements

Pre-Admission Requirements

All Advanced Professional Certificate (APC) applicants must have:

  • A bachelor’s degree
  • Two years of work experience by the time they start the program

Please review the selection criteria and application components for all APC applicants.

There are no pre-admission course requirements for the APC in General Business.

Program Requirements

Students in any APC program must adhere to the following requirements:

  • The APC program cannot exceed 15 credits.
  • Nine credits maximum may be taken in a given semester.
  • The APC program must be completed in two years.

Students pursuing the APC in General Business may customize the five courses, or 15 credits, to meet their specific academic goals. While there are no specific course requirements, students pursuing the APC in General Business must:

  • Meet the pre-requisites or co-requisites for any course in which they plan to enroll.
  • Take a maximum of six credits (typically two courses) in a given academic area. Core courses do not count toward this maximum.

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