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Introducing Our Innovative Enterprise Risk Curriculum Offerings

We’ve totally revamped our risk management curriculum to provide students with an enterprise view of risk that is holistic, innovative, and globally relevant.

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Risk has always been pervasive in all lines of business. Regardless of the activity or industry, effective and efficient risk management—just like revenue-generation and cost-efficiency—underpins the value of an enterprise. The objective of enterprise risk management is not to minimize risk, but rather to manage it as efficiently as possible and extract the best possible returns from firm-specific risk exposure. Not surprisingly then, enterprise risk management is fundamental to firm strategy, operations, and financial performance.

The MS in Risk Management program cuts across the classic “foundational” enterprise risk domains including macroeconomic and financial risk, operational risk, organizational risk, technological risk, and regulatory and legal risk. It addresses topics at the frontier of risk management, those that are still being defined and calibrated, including data, privacy, and ethics; climate change and sustainability risk; human capital risk; and reputational risk. Graduates of this program will enhance their academic capabilities and credentials in an area of expertise that is fundamental to the sustainable performance of their organizations.

Admissions Deadline

The MSRM Admissions Committee will announce the deadlines for the next recruitment cycle in late Fall 2022. Please see our Admissions page to read more about next steps in the admissions process.