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PhD Students in the Job Market


Aaditya Iyer
Aaditya Iyer
Dissertation Committee: Viral Acharya, Xavier Gabaix, Thomas Philippon, Alexi Savov, Raghu Sundaram
Job Market PaperA Theory of Liquidity, Investment and Credit Risk for Financially Constrained Firms

Guillaume Roussellet
Guillaume Roussellet
Dissertation Committee: Robert Engle, Alain Monfort, Olivier Scaillet, Andrew Patton 
Job Market PaperAffine Term Structure Modeling and Macroeconomic Risks at the Zero Lower Bound

Davide Tomio
Davide Tomio​
Dissertation Committee: Lasse Heje Pedersen, Marti G. Subrahmanyam
Job Market Paper: Arbitraging Liquidity

Katherine Waldock
Katherine P. Waldock

Dissertation Committee: Anthony Saunders, Kose John, David Yermack, Holger Mueller, Viral Acharya, Andres Liberman
Job Market PaperUnsecured Creditor Control in Chapter 11