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MBA Sample Course Outlines

In the table below you will find links to course outlines from recent semesters for many of the faculty teaching next semester.

These are "sample course outlines" and should not be used as the basis for buying textbooks or other course materials. The NYU bookstores will have the official list of materials that will be used next semester. As soon as the next semester outlines are available, they will be posted on the department web site under the Academic Programs tab, and cross-listed on the school-wide course list.
Course  Instructor  Title / Outline mi Course Subtitle 
COR1-GB.2311 De Souza, Andre Foundations of Finance  
COR1-GB.2311 Drechsler, Itamar Foundations of Finance  
COR1-GB.2311 Gabaix, Xavier Foundations of Finance  
COR1-GB.2311 Handley, John Foundations of Finance  
COR1-GB.2311 Hasbrouck, Joel Foundations of Finance  
COR1-GB.2311 Lynch, Anthony Foundations of Finance  
COR1-GB.2311 Sade, Orly Foundations of Finance  
COR1-GB.2311 Silber, William Foundations of Finance  
COR1-GB.2311 Van Nieuwerburgh, Stijn Foundations of Finance  
COR1-GB.2311 Mertens, Thomas Foundations of Finance  
COR2-GB.3101 Smith, Roy Professional Responsibility & Leadership  
ECON-GB.3352 Engle, Robert Econometrics II Topics in Financial Econometrics
FINC-GB.2110 Gordon, Robert Taxes and Investing  
FINC-GB.2134 Yermack, David
Miller, Geoffrey
Law and Business of Bitcoin  
FINC-GB.2302 Damodaran, Aswath Corporate Finance  
FINC-GB.2302 Marciano, Anthony Corporate Finance  
FINC-GB.2302 Mueller, Holger Corporate Finance  
FINC-GB.2302 Schmeits, Anjolein Corporate Finance  
FINC-GB.2302 Schnabl, Philipp Corporate Finance  
FINC-GB.2304 Amihud, Yakov Restructuring Firms and Industries  
FINC-GB.2304 Dick, Stacy Restructuring Firms and Industries  
FINC-GB.2304 Yermack, David Restructuring Firms and Industries  
FINC-GB.2310 Smith, Roy Managing Financial Businesses Co-taught with Lawrence Zicklin
FINC-GB.2329 Eyzenberg, David
Kenney, Patrick
Real Estate Primary Markets  
FINC-GB.2331 Lynch, Anthony Financial Theory I  
FINC-GB.2334 Murphy, Charles The Financial Services Industry  
FINC-GB.2334 Militello, Frederick The Financial Services Industry  
FINC-GB.2339 Gupta, Arpit Real Estate Capital Markets  
FINC-GB.2339 Vickery, James Real Estate Capital Markets  
FINC-GB.2341 Van Nieuwerburgh, Stijn Real Estate Investment Strategies  
FINC-GB.2345 Marciano, Anthony Cases in Financial Management  
FINC-GB.2349 Figlewski, Stephen
Tuckman, Bruce
Trading Cash and Derivative Securities  
FINC-GB.2350 Richardson, Matthew
Jabban, Mazen
Alternative Investments  
FINC-GB.2351 Richardson, Matthew
Jabban, Mazen
Alternative Investments  
FINC-GB.3103 Shen, Jeffrey (Yuqing) International Investment Analysis  
FINC-GB.3105 Engle, Robert Volatility  
FINC-GB.3112 Cebenoyan, A. Sinan Risk Management in Financial Institutions  
FINC-GB.3120 Rappaport, Alan
Zaharoff, Lex
Private Banking and Wealth Management  
FINC-GB.3120 Rappaport, Alan
Walter, Ingo
Private Banking and Wealth Management  
FINC-GB.3121 Liew, Jim Topics in Hedge Fund Strategies  
FINC-GB.3121 Wasserman, David Topics in Hedge Fund Strategies  
FINC-GB.3122 Bernstein, Richard Investment Strategies  
FINC-GB.3125 Smith, Tad Strategy and Finance for Media and Entertainment Companies  
FINC-GB.3126 Dixon, Christopher P. Financial Analysis in Media and Entertainment  
FINC-GB.3128 Fargis, John P. Business Development in Media and Entertainment  
FINC-GB.3129 D’Souza, Ian Behavioral and Experimental Finance  
FINC-GB.3129 Sade, Orly Behavioral and Experimental Finance  
FINC-GB.3145 Finkel, Stephen
Philip Grovit
Investment Banking and Private Equity in Entertainment and Media  
FINC-GB.3148 Godeke, Steven Investing for Environmental and Social Impact  
FINC-GB.3148 Tesdell, Kerwin Financing the Social Entrepreneurship and Social Value  
FINC-GB.3149 Hasbrouck, Joel The Structure and Dynamics of Financial Markets  
FINC-GB.3160 Lindenberg, Eric Topics in Corporate Finance Applications of Corporate Finance Theory in the Real World
FINC-GB.3161 Marciano, Anthony Cases in Corporate Finance  
FINC-GB.3164 Abuaf, Niso Topics in International Corporate Finance  
FINC-GB.3164 Jeffers, Esther Topics in International Corporate Finance  
FINC-GB.3165 Semmens, Robert Private Equity Finance
(Reading List)
FINC-GB.3173 D'Souza, Ian Venture Capital Financing  
FINC-GB.3173 Okun, Glenn Venture Capital Financing  
FINC-GB.3173 Ljungqvist, Alexander Venture Capital Financing  
FINC-GB.3176 Brenner, Menachem Topics in Investments Derivatives Markets
FINC-GB.3176 Okun, Glenn A.  Topics in Investment Venture Capital Financing
FINC-GB.3176 Brown, Allan Topics in Investments Investing in Distressed Securities
FINC-GB.3176 Claar, Gary Topics in Investments Value Investing, Special Situations and Activism
FINC-GB.3176 Figlewski, Stephen Topics in Investments Credit Derivatives
FINC-GB.3176 Haigh, Michael Topics in Investments Commodity Derivatives
FINC-GB.3176 Wong, Roderick Topics in Investments Financial Analysis in Healthcare
FINC-GB.3176 Biggs, John Topics in Investments Managing Retirement Wealth
FINC-GB.3181 Gordon, Robert Applications of Portfolio Analysis How to be an Arbitrageur
FINC-GB.3182 Rosenwald, James Global Value Investing  
FINC-GB.3186 Albanese, Tommaso Project Finance and Infrastructure Investment  
FINC-GB.3188 Levich, Richard Topics in International Finance Global Financial Markets
FINC-GB.3188 Mathrani, Arjun Topics in International Finance Risk Management in Global Banking
FINC-GB.3196 Amihud, Yakov Mergers and Acquisitions  
FINC-GB.3196 McGill, Charles Mergers and Acquisitions  
FINC-GB.3198 Kovensky, Stuart Bankruptcy and Reorganization  
FINC-GB.3199 Holmes, Max Case Studies in Bankruptcy and Reorganization  
FINC-GB.3305 Acharya, Viral Credit Risk  
FINC-GB.3312 Philippon, Thomas Risk Management in Financial Institutions  
Saunders, Anthony Risk Management in Financial Institutions  
FINC-GB.3320 Levich, Richard Managing Investment Funds Written application required
FINC-GB.3321 Frazzini, Andrea Hedge Fund Strategies  
FINC-GB.3324 Miller, Geoffrey
Yermack, David 
Digital Currency, Blockchains, and the Future of the Financial Services Industry  
FINC-GB.3329 Wurgler, Jeffrey Behavioral Finance  
FINC-GB.3331 Damodaran, Aswath Valuation  
FINC-GB.3331 Levine, Richard Valuation  
FINC-GB.3332 Whitelaw, Robert Portfolio Management  
FINC-GB.3333 Tuckman, Bruce Debt Instruments and Markets  
FINC-GB.3335 Brenner, Menachem Futures and Options  
FINC-GB.3335 Figlewski, Stephen Futures and Options  
FINC-GB.3335 Sundaram, Rangarajan Futures and Options  
FINC-GB.3340 Courtadon, Georges Advanced Futures and Options  
FINC-GB.3340 Figlewski, Stephen Advanced Futures and Options  
FINC-GB.3340 Subrahmanyam, Marti Advanced Futures and Options  
FINC-GB.3343 Bigel, Danny
Ellner, David
Kim, Andrew F
Business of Music and Films  
FINC-GB.3345 Allen, William
Rosenfeld, Gerald
Law and Business of Investment Banking  
FINC-GB.3345 Dick, Stacy
Steinberg, Lew
Law and Business of Corp Transactions  
FINC-GB.3348 Godeke, Steven Investing for Environmental and Social Impact  
FINC-GB.3354 Demel, Ana Law and Business of Microfinance    
FINC-GB.3355 Godeke, Steven
Levich, Richard
Impact Investing Experiential Learning Seminar  
FINC-GB.3357 Rappaport, Alan Private Investing and Wealth Management    
FINC-GB.3357 Walter, Ingo Private Investing and Wealth Management    
FINC-GB.3357 Zaharoff, Lex Private Investing and Wealth Management    
FINC-GB.3361 Okun, Glenn Entrepreneurial Finance  
FINC-GB.3361 Smith, Roy Entrepreneurial Finance  
FINC-GB.3362 Howell, Sabrina Applications in Entrepreneurial Finance: Fintech  
FINC-GB.3365 Schwed, Gustavo Private Equity Finance  
FINC-GB.3366 Metzger, Leon Operating a Hedge Fund  
FINC-GB.3313 Ljungqvist, Alexander Venture Capital Financing  
FINC-GB.3373 Ljungqvist, Alexander New Venture Financing  
FINC-GB.3379 Metzger, Leon Special Seminar in Finance: Hedge Funds - Investment and Management  
FINC-GB.3384 Siegel, Martin Emerging Financial Markets  
FINC-GB.3387 Militello, Frederick Global Banking and Capital Markets  
FINC-GB.3387 Smith, Roy Global Banking and Capital Markets  
FINC-GB.3387 Walter, Ingo Global Banking and Capital Markets  
FINC-GB.3388 Matteo Maggiori Global Financial Markets  
FINC-GB.3398 Rosenfeld, Gerald Advanced Corporate Bankruptcy & Reorganization  
FINC-GB.3399 Rosenfeld, Gerald Corporate Bankruptcy & Reorganization  
INTA-GB.2320 Stein, Roger Fintech Analytics Data-driven Credit Modeling & FinTech Analytics