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Undergraduate Sample Course Outlines

In the table below you will find URLs for course outlines from recent semesters for many of the faculty teaching next semester.

These are "sample course outlines" and should not be used as the basis for buying textbooks or other course materials. The NYU bookstores will have the official list of materials that will be used next semester. As soon as the next semester outlines are available, they will be posted on the department web site under the Academic Programs tab, and cross-listed on the school-wide course list.

Course  Instructor  Title / Outline  Course Subtitle 
FINC-UB.0002 Bilal, Mohsan Foundations of Finance  
FINC-UB.0002 Brown, Stephen Foundations of Finance  
FINC-UB.0002 De Souza, Andre Foundations of Finance  
FINC-UB.0002 Gabaix, Xavier Foundations of Finance  
FINC-UB.0002 Mertens, Thomas Foundations of Finance  
FINC-UB.0002 Sade, Orly Foundations of Finance  
FINC-UB.0002 Savov, Alexi Foundations of Finance  
FINC-UB.0002 Drechsler, Itamar Foundations of Finance  
FINC-UB.0007 Agrawal, Ashwini Corporate Finance  
FINC-UB.0007 Marciano, Anthony Corporate Finance  
FINC-UB.0007 Schnabl, Philipp Corporate Finance  
FINC-UB.0007 Liberman, Andres Corporate Finance  
FINC-UB.0007 Vij, Siddharth Corporate Finance  
FINC-UB.0008 Marciano, Anthony Advanced Corporate Finance  
FINC-UB.0011 Richardson, Matthew The Financial Crisis of 2007-2009 Causes, Solutions and Regulation
FINC-UB.0015 Richardson, Matthew  Alternative Investments I  
FINC-UB.0016 Richardson, Matthew  Alternative Investments II  
FINC-UB.0022 Cebenoyan, A. Sinan Risk Management In Financial Institutions  
FINC-UB.0022 Philippon, Thomas Risk Management In Financial Institutions  
FINC-UB.0022 Saunders, Anthony Risk Management In Financial Institutions  
FINC-UB.0023 Siegel, Martin Emerging Markets Finance  
FINC-UB.0023 Ocampo, Emilio Emerging Markets Finance  
FINC-UB.0026 Carpenter, Jennifer Debt Instruments and Markets  
FINC-UB.0029 Marciano, Anthony Behavioral Finance  
FINC-UB.0029 Wurgler, Jeffrey Behavioral Finance  
FINC-UB.0030 Levich, Richard International Financial Management  
FINC-UB.0030 Whitelaw, Robert International Financial Management  
FINC-UB.0035 Van Nieuwerburgh, Stijn Real Estate Investment Strategies  
FINC-UB.0038 Hizmo, Aurel Real Estate Capital Markets  
FINC-UB.0039 Leiber, Frank Real Estate Finance  
FINC-UB.0041 Halov, Nikolay Equity Valuation  
FINC-UB.0042 Carlson, James Microfinance  
FINC-UB.0043 Brenner, Menachem Futures and Options  
FINC-UB.0043 Figlewski, Stephen Futures and Options  
FINC-UB.0043 Sundaram, Rangarajan Futures and Options  
FINC-UB.0045 Murphy, Charles Investment Banking  
FINC-UB.0049 Joel Hasbrouck Principles of Securities Trading  
FINC-UB.0050 Amihud, Yakov Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions  
FINC-UB.0061 Okun, Glenn Topics in Entrepreneurial Finance  
FINC-UB.0061 Smith, Roy Topics in Entrepreneurial Finance  
FINC-UB.0061 Howell, Sabrina Topics in Entrepreneurial Finance  
FINC-UB.0066 Jog, Manjiree Hedge Fund Strategies  
FINC-UB.0068 Cha, Tom Financial Analysis for EMT  
FINC-UB.0081 Biggs, John
Liss, Samuel
Risk and Insurance  
FINC-UB.0099 Levich, Richard Independent Study in Finance  
HONR-UB.0002 Subrahmanyam, Marti G., Stern Honors Seminar  
HONR-UB.0003 Subrahmanyam, Marti G., Stern Honors Thesis  
MULT-UB.0027 Walter, Ingo
Smith, Roy
The Financial System  
MULT-UB.0027 Smith, Roy The Financial System  
MULT-UB.0210 John, Kose Research Seminar in Finance