NYU Stern
Jeff Bronikowski Vice President, Yahoo Music
Darren Campo Senior Vice President, Food Network, Cooking Channel
Greg Coleman CEO, Criteo
Christopher Dixon Securities Analyst, Non-Executive Vice President, Minyanville Media
Jamyn Edis Vice President, Emerging Technology, HBO
David Ellner President of Digital & Business Development, 19 Entertainment
Gary Faber Partner, Entertainment, Research & Marketing, LLC
Steve Finkel Managing Director, Rothchild
Lawrence Griff Former Partner, Ernst & Young
Phil Grovit Managing Director, Goldman Sachs
Andrew Kim CFO, The Weinstein Company
Michael Luisi Executive Vice President, WWE
Amir Malin Managing Principal, Qualia Capital
Peter Newman Independent Producer
David Poltrack President of Research, CBS
Aldo Scrofani Live Theater Producer
Peri Shamsai Executive Director, Ernst & Young
Evan Shapiro President, IFC tv and Sundance Channel
Tad Smith President, Local Media Group, Cablevision
Marty Yudkovitz Strategic Innovation, The Walt Disney Company