Reunion Committees

Reunion Committees

The Reunion Committees are helping make the weekend a dynamic experience and building fundraising support for the next generation of Stern students. 


1st Reunion

BS Class of 2017

Nicole Bugnacki - Co-Chair
Caroline Deng - Co-Chair
Meghana Pakala - Co-Chair
Andrew Li - Co-Chair
Gloria Li - Co-Chair
Tiffany Li - Co-Chair
Shaneil Mehta - Co-Chair
Indranil Mitra - Co-Chair
Prianka Patel - Co-Chair
Fernando Polit - Co-Chair
Zachary Zhu - Co-Chair
Robert Akinsanmi - Participation Chair
Matthew DeMichiel - Participation Chair

MBA Class of 2017

Jason Abed - Co-Chair
Christine Buenafe - Co-Chair
Ava Ginsberg - Co-Chair
Anne Gregory - Co-Chair
Azeez Salami - Co-Chair
Sara Sindelar - Co-Chair
Nicole Swan - Co-Chair
Mark Weingram - Co-Chair
Andrew Xu - Co-Chair
Janice Yong - Co-Chair
Emily  Kozak - Participation Chair
Emre Perk - Participation Chair
Ariel Segal - Participation Chair 
Taylor Simmons - Participation Chair 
Svetlana Ushakova - Participation Chair 
Ward Wolff - Participation Chair

5th Reunion

BS Class of 2013

Helen Li - Co Chair
Maxwell Wein - Co Chair
Katherine Corson - Haskins Chair
Paul Dmitriev- Haskins Chair
Jasmine Clark - Participation Chair
Neil Dave - Participation Chair
Dennis Kim - Participation Chair
Jacqueline-Grace Serame - Participation Chair 

MBA Class of 2013

Jason Nichols - Chair
Sonia Anand - Haskins Chair
Brett Baptist - Haskins Chair
Neha Chinai - Haskins Chair
Amanda Davis - Haskins Chair
Marci Fenichel - Haskins Chair
Esteban Gomez - Haskins Chair
Cassandra Henry - Haskins Chair
Richard Liao - Haskins Chair
Marisa Rosenthal- Haskins Chair
Evan Xenopoulos - Haskins Chair
Kibi Anderson - Participation Chair
Taffi Ayodele - Participation Chair
Corey Blay - Participation Chair
Eran Geva - Participation Chair
Chris Gorges - Participation Chair
Julie Hofmann - Participation Chair
Josefina Rodriguez - Participation Chair
Whitney Rothe - Participation Chair
Ravi Shrivastava - Participation Chair
Tara Tanico - Participation Chair

10th Reunion

BS Class of 2008

David Wohlstadter - Haskins Chair
Brandon Adoni - Participation Chair
Katie Karoll Lavino - Participation Chair
Caroline McKeon - Participation Chair
Divyan Mistry - Haskins Chair

MBA Class of 2008

Sara Toussaint - Chair
Melissa Chow - Participation Chair
Purvi Maheshwari - Participation Chair
Peter Neckles - Participation Chair

15th Reunion

BS Class of 2003

Phil Giordano - Co-Chair
David Shorenstein - Co-Chair
Ronald Adler - Haskins Chair
Anisha Malhotra - Haskins Chair
Michael Stanco - Participation Chair
Jeremy Adelman - Participation Chair 
Joseph Discepola - Participation Chair 
Olivia Fu - Participation Chair 
Daniel Kopper - Participation Chair 
Sagal Masa - Participation Chair 
Kevin Sharma - Participation Chair 

MBA Class of 2003

Matthew Stern - Co-Chair
Andrew Gribbin - Haskins Chair
Konstantin Paderno - Haskins Chair
Amol Sahasrabudhe - Haskins Chair
Gopal Tampi - Haskins Chair
Alex Muravsky - Participation Chair 
Garrett Yau - Participation Chair 

25th Reunion

BS Class of 1993

Corinna Creedon - Haskins Chair
Melanie Hanlon - Haskins Chair

MBA Class of 1993

Margo Ressa - Haskins Chair
Tariq Sattar - Haskins Chair
Maryam Ayromlou - Participation Chair
Laura Campbell - Participation Chair
Nicky Clifford - Participation Chair
Beth Edelman Judge - Participation Chair
Dan MacDonald - Participation Chair

30th Reunion

MBA Class of 1988

Marla Backer - Co-Chair
Doug Kopp - Co-Chair
Lawrence D. Loeb - Co-Chair
Patricia MacKenzie - Co-Chair
Mauri Y. Okamoto-Kearney - Co-Chair
Susannah Labov Page - Co-Chair

50th Reunion

BS Class of 1968

Mary Tanaskovic Bitting - Haskins Chair
Patricia Molino - Participation Chair
Edward Stolzenberg - Participation Chair
Jay Horowitz - Participation Chair
Marc Storch - Participation Chair

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