Group photo of the Stern Alumni Council from the May 2018 Alumni Council Dinner

Alumni Council

The NYU Stern Alumni Council is one of the School’s main alumni governing bodies. It is comprised of top alumni volunteers and ambassadors for the School who help guide alumni programming and advise the NYU Stern administration on initiatives and activities. Council members also serve as Chairs of our various Affinity, Industry, and Special Interest Committees.

To secure a seat on the Council, members must have a proven track record of leadership with the School and agree to serve a three-year term. For more detailed membership requirements, please refer to the Alumni Council Principles of Operation.

Meet the Alumni Council

Shahryar Bachani, BS 2016   Dan DeVece, MBA 2015
Shahryar Bachani, BS '16
Recent Graduates Committee Co-Chair
  Dan DeVece, MBA '15
Vice Chair, Alumni & Student Partnerships

Todd Fellerman, MBA 2009   Marcia Friedkin, MBA 2013
Todd Fellerman, MBA '09
Alumni Council Chair
  Marcia Friedkin, MBA '13
Vice Chair, Recruitment & Marketing

Alan Gallo, BS 1987, MBA 1990   Meredith Gertler, MBA 2004
Alan Gallo, BS '87, MBA '90
Vice Chair, Philanthropy
  Meredith Gertler, MBA '04
Member at Large

Rachel Hurnyak, MBA 2015   Russell Isaacson, MBA '07
Rachel Hurnyak, MBA '15
LGBTQ Committee Chair
  Russell Isaacson, MBA '07
Marketing Committee Chair

Steven Kassin, BS 2007   Sharon Li, MBA 2011
Steven Kassin, BS '07
Member at Large
  Sharon Li, MBA '11
SWIB Committee Co-Chair

Kanuj Malhotra, MBA 1998   Jennifer Meacham, MBA 2015
Kanuj Malhotra, MBA '98
Member at Large
  Jennifer Meacham, MBA '15
AHBBS Committee Chair

Philipp Nuzhdin, BS 2012   Serge Permyakoff, MBA '15
Philipp Nuzhdin, BS '12
Vice Chair, Signature Events
  Serge Permyakoff, MBA '15
Recent Graduates Committee Co-Chair
Daniel Rubin, MBA 2004   Misha Shvedoff, MBA 2011
Daniel Rubin, MBA '04
Finance Committee Chair
  Misha Shvedoff, MBA '11
Alumni Council Representative, EMAC Committee

Michael Taylor, MBA 2014   A.J. Tus, BS '14
Michael Taylor, MBA '14
Military Veterans Committee Chair
  A.J. Tus, BS '14
Member at Large

John Vermeer, MBA 2012   Tony Watkins, MBA 2011
John Vermeer, MBA '12
Alumni Council Representative, EMT Committee
  Tony Watkins, MBA '11
Vice Chair, Digital Connections

For additional questions regarding the Alumni Council, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations & Development at or call (212) 998-4040.

Members can resign at any time for personal reason, and membership exceptions can be made by the Office of Alumni Relations & Development and the Dean’s Offices.