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International Business Focus

The Stern experience is designed to broaden your view of the world.

Given the undeniably global scope of business in the 21st century, all students in the core business program are required to take the two-course international business sequence.

It begins in the sophomore year with The Economics of Global Business, a course combining the study of macroeconomics and international trade. In the spring of junior year, you will participate in the International Studies Program, a strategy-based course that will teach you how to understand the competitive positioning of a company in its industry, country and international context. The course includes a one-week visit to a country in either Asia, Europe, or Latin America to experience the culture first-hand and meet with the executives of a major corporation based in that country. A final project is prepared analyzing the competitive positioning of the target company in its global marketplace.

Additionally, many Stern students in the core business program expand their study of global business and culture by fulfilling our global business co-concentration and spending significant time abroad through our semester abroad program.

Business Program Curriculum Snapshot

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