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Stern Around the World

Life in the 21st century means you are part of a global community. At Stern, we strive to prepare you to feel at home and thrive in this interconnected world. With numerous opportunities to choose from, we urge all students to seize the chance for international study and travel.

Stern students can study around the world through:

» International Studies Program
» NYU's extensive global network
» IBEX, NYU Stern's student exchange program
» Stern's Short Term Immersion/Stern International Volunteers:
  • Stern Around the World: Abu Dhabi
  • Stern Around the World: India
  • Stern Around the World: Ghana

Going Global: Student Views

Avi Thumbnail 1
"My experiences, both in New York and around the globe, have taught me to always be open to new ideas and sparked a broad set of career goals that include finance and investing, an interest in emerging markets, as well as a strong desire to work abroad.” - Avi Nagaraja (BS '12)

"My IBEX experience in Hong Kong was the best semester I had as an undergraduate. I traveled every chance I had, rode elephants in Thailand, and met students from all over the world." - Michelle Li