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Undergraduate | Short-Term Immersions

Students on a short-term immersion in India
Local and international learning

Short-Term Immersions

Discover academic enrichment through coursework and travel.

Stern Around the World short-term immersion programs allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture, while also being challenged academically. These programs combine coursework with international travel to enrich the academic experience.

Current and recent courses with short-term immersions:

Through Stern Around the World: Costa Rica, you will have the opportunity to work on projects like creating business and marketing plans for agricultural production, eco-tourism, and environmental education for youth. The course includes a trip to Costa Rica to work with small businesses to further develop their innovative sustainability programs. You'll test your business hypothesis on the ground with local partners and immerse yourself in Costa Rican culture. 

The Stern Around the World: Social Entrepreneurship in Ghana is a seminar course open to NYU Stern students across all class years that features a trip to Ghana over your spring break. Through your seminar and on-the-ground experience, you'll explore the role of business as an agent for social change and apply principles of social entrepreneurship to promote sustainable economic development. You'll gain a unique educational experience, combining business theory with hands-on implementation and cultural immersion.

The Stern Around the World: Singapore program is designed to familiarize you with the business environment of Singapore. The course explores the many different facets of management, society, governance and the economy in the city state. The course includes a trip to Singapore and will equip you to understand, invest and work in this dynamic country and region.

The Stern Around the World: USA program will take you on a thrilling ride into the global business of fun with a focus on the theme and amusement park industry. Learn how to develop and manage global business enterprises while critically examining the factors in the international business environment that contribute to the success or failure of global theme/amusement parks.  A trip to Orlando, Florida will allow you to visit some iconic theme parks first hand for project work and to explore business concepts developed in the classroom.


Stern Around the World: France immerses you in the world of luxury through the study of the resort and tourism industry. From international luxury hotels and palaces to gastronomic adventures, you explore unique business practices of various industry segments. Examine how media and technology redefine the landscape of luxury tourism, and create your own vision of memorable luxury resort experiences that encode cultural meaning. This course includes a trip to France.

The Stern Around the World: The Netherlands course explores different facets of management, society, politics, and the economy in the Netherlands and the impact the country had on modern finance, industry, and politics. This course includes a trip to The Netherlands and guides you to understand the impact different historical events and policies have had on the Dutch economy, such as the discovery of curing of herring, the discovery of oil and natural gas in the North Sea, and the current emphasis on startups and innovation. We will discuss the unique Dutch culture with an emphasis on consensus and tolerance and the country’s vulnerability to climate change and the recent rise of populism.

Priyal outside Tisch
Student Voices

Priyal Maheshwari (BS '23)

"I chose to partake in the short-term immersion program to Singapore. I loved learning about another culture and the economies of a new place and even more, visiting Singapore! It was one of the best experiences of my time at Stern."