Current Glucksman Fellows and Advisors, AY 2021-2022

Student Fellows Proposed Topic Faculty Advisors     
Sebastian Beltrame
The Financial Impact of Celebrity
Involvement and Stated Specialization
in SPACs
Marti Subrahmanyam
Robert Dukich
Liquidity Management in Central
Clearing: How the Default Waterfall
can be Improved
Viral Acharya / Richard Berner
Eugenio Duron-Carielo
Is there a Future in Perpetual Futures?
David Yermack
Vivek Iyer
An Examination of Stacks Protocol
Performance Compared to Other
Layer-One Blockchains
Kose John
Angela Lu
Level 3 Assets as Regulatory Arbitrage: An Analysis of Capital Requirements and Level 3 Assets at U.S. Global
Systemically Important Banks
Viral Acharya / Bruce Tuckman