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NYU Stern FinTech Conference 2017 | FinTech Conference Agenda

FinTech Conference Agenda

The Transformative Potential and Regulatory Challenges of FinTech
Friday November 3, 2017

Check in and coffee


Opening Keynote: Matt Harris, Managing Director, Bain Capital Ventures

Research Session 1: Automation and Financial Services

  • Michael Kearns, University of Pennsylvania, National Center Chair and Computer Science Professor
  • Vasant Dhar, Professor, Stern School of Business and Center for Data Science
  • Arun Sundararajan, Professor Stern School of Business, and author of “The Sharing Economy: the End of Employment and the Rise of Crowd-based Capitalism”

Coffee Break

Research Session 2: Responses to Automation: Disruption or Adaptation?

  • Francesco D’Acunto, University of Maryland
  • Boris Vallee, Harvard Business School
  • David Yermack, Chair, Finance Department, Stern School of Business
  • Matthew Plosser, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Morning Fireside Chat: Regulation and Financial Access, The Amazing Story of Prize-Linked Savings in the U.S.

Timothy Flacke, Executive Director, CommonWealth

Moderator: Kathleen DeRose

Luncheon “Brain Dates” (Breakout Sessions)

  • Student Lending: Phil DeGisi, CMO, CommonBond
  • P2P Lending: David Snitkof, Co-founder and Chief Analytics Officer, Orchard
  • FinTech Accelerators and Incubators: Adrian Johnson, Startup Bootcamp
  • FinTech Angel Funding: Brian Cohen, Chairman, Managing Partner New York Angels
  • VC-Startup Partnerships: Michael Sidgmore, Venture Partner, Broadhaven and CEO Alex Hardy, LiveOak Technologies
  • Software-Startup Partnerships: Margaret Hartigan, CEO and founder, Marstone
  • B2B Global Robo: Drew Sievers, CEO of Trizic and Andreas Ruflin, Head Product, Evolute
  • FinTech and the Retirement Market: Grant Easterbrook, CEO and Founder, Dream Forward Financial (and client company)
  • The Evolution and Electronificiation of Bond Trading: Josh Hershman, COO, and Dan Siracuse, CFO, Trumid
  • Blockchain FinTech Applications: Tom Jessop, President, Chain
  • FinTech Data Aggregation: Lowell Putnam, CEO and founder, Quovo
  • FinTech Platforms: Adam Broun, COO, and Patrick Wood, Head of Academic Research, Kensho
  • FinTech Data Management Tools: Jake Perlman-Garr, CEO and founder, Datavore
  • Reg Tech: Jennifer Lee, Investment Team, Edison Partners and Jean-Marc Levy, CEO, ComplySci, portfolio company

Panel 1: The Global Regulatory Sandbox: How is Regulation Shaping FinTech Globally?

  • Jeffrey M. Bandman, Former CFTC FinTech Advisor and LabCFTC Founding Director
  • David Geale, FCA Director of Policy
  • Ryan van Grack, Special Counsel and Advisor, Head of SEC’s FinTech Working Group, SEC

Moderator: Gillian Tett 

Demo Sessions: Entrepreneurship in FinTech

  • Derek Brown, CEO, and Isaac Kassin, co-founder and Head of Marketing, Exeq
  • Vishal Garg, CEO and founder of Better Mortgage
  • Marie Wieck, General Manager, IBM Blockchain
Moderator: Professor Sabrina Howell

Coffee Break

Panel 2: The End of Cash?: How is the FinTech Payments and Investment “Stack” Developing Globally?

  • Prashant Gandhi, Managing Director and Head of Digital Payments, JPMorgan
  • David Ronick, former CEO, Stash, serial entrepreneur
  • Sharad Sharma, Co-founder and Governing Council Member, iSPIRT Foundation
  • James Anderson, Executive Vice President for Digital Payments Products, Mastercard
Moderator: Leslie Picker, Reporter, CNBC

Evening Keynote

Scott Mullins, Amazon Web Services Worldwide Financial Services with AWS Client company on running Fintech platform businesses