New Developments in Evolutionary Innovation: Novelty Creation in a Serendipitous Economy

Gino Cattani Book Cover
By Gino Cattani and Mariano Mastrogiorgio
The growth of evolutionary thinking has had a profound impact on economic theory and related fields such as strategy and technological innovation. An important paradigm that underlies the evolutionary theory of innovation is neo-Darwinian evolution. According to this paradigm, evolution is gradualist and based on the mechanisms of variation, selection, and retention. Since the 1970s, theoretical advancements in evolutionary biology have recognised the central role of punctuated equilibrium, speciation, and exaptation. However, despite their significant influence in evolutionary biology, these advancements have been reflected only partially in evolutionary approaches to economics, strategy, and innovation.

The aim of this book is to review these advancements and explore their implications, with a particular emphasis on the role of serendipity and unprestateability in innovation and novelty creation.

Edited by Professor Gino Cattani and Mariano Mastrogiorgio, the book: 
  • Explores the latest developments in evolutionary theory applied to innovation, management, and economics
  • Includes case studies and formal models on different aspects of evolutionary theory to offer new avenues of research and a variety of methodological approaches
  • Offers new insights from scholars who are shaping the field of evolutionary theory
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