Is Your Work Worth It? How to Think About Meaningful Work

is your work worth it? book cover

By Christopher Wong Michaelson and Jennifer Tosti-Kharas (PhD ’09)

According to recent studies, barely a third of American workers feel “engaged” at work, and for many people around the world, happiness is lowest when earning power is highest. After a global pandemic that changed why, how, and what people do for a living, many workers find themselves wondering what makes their daily routine worthwhile.

In Is Your Work Worth It?, NYU Stern Adjunct Professor Christopher Wong Michaelson and co-author Jennifer Tosti-Kharas (PhD ’09) investigate the purpose of work and its value in our lives. The book explores vital questions, such as:  

  • Should you work for love or money?
  • When and how much should you work?
  • What would make life worth living in a world without work?
  • What kind of mark will your work leave on the world?

This essential book combines inspiring and harrowing stories of real people with recent scholarship, ancient wisdom, arts, and literature to help us clarify what worthy work looks like, what tradeoffs are acceptable to pursue it, and what our work can contribute to society.

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