Global Study

Executive MBA Students Explore Czech Republic and Poland on a Global Study Tour

In April of 2014, a group of executive MBA students traveled to Prague, Czech Republic and Warsaw, Poland on a Global Study Tour.

“NYU Stern's Global Study Tour to the Czech Republic and Poland provided our class with a remarkable experience," explained executive MBA student Steve Rodriguez. "Students in EMBA programs get to apply on Monday what they learn on the weekend, but Stern takes this to the next level by providing the opportunity to apply business concepts in a global environment across a myriad of industries. A few highlights from this course included seeing Procter & Gamble’s operations in Eastern Europe and Skoda’s auto manufacturing operations in the Czech Republic; hearing about Vodaphone’s wireless strategy in the Czech Republic and about Citi’s local re-definition of consumer banking in Poland; getting an unfiltered firsthand account about entrepreneurial ventures in Poland; speaking with policy and academic leaders at the Czech National Bank and the Warsaw School of Economics; and networking with alumni in the region and establishing contacts in Eastern Europe. For me personally, the Global Study Tour was one of the main reasons why I chose NYU Stern's Executive MBA program. This decision was not taken lightly as it meant that I would be making a bi-coastal commute from Southern California to New York City twice a month. I'm happy to report that it exceeded my expectations, and the 2,400 miles-commute is well worth it!”