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Stern in the News: December 2010

In December, NYU Stern generated almost 800 media hits. Stern faculty were featured for their research and perspectives on a variety of subjects including risk calculation, brands replacing religion as a source of self-worth, detection of proprietary trading and the economic outlook for emerging economies in a number of prominent outlets such as Bloomberg, CNBC and The Wall Street Journal. Additionally, in 34 op-eds, Stern faculty discussed the Wikileaks data dump, President Obama’s tax cut deal, overcompensation of financial sector employees, Russia and Qatar as World Cup sites and the gold investment boom.

Please continue reading for news highlights from December 2010.

Faculty Research & Accolades

Bloomberg: “MBIA Climbs on Prospects of Resuming Municipal Insurer”
December 30, 2010

Professor Eric Dinallo was noted in a piece about bond insurer MBIA Inc., with additional pick-up in Bloomberg Businessweek. His decision to join the law firm Debevoise & Plimpton LLP as a partner was covered in Crain’s New York Business, The New York Times’ DealBook blog, The Wall Street Journal and eight other outlets. His role in reviving use of the Martin Act was illuminated in the Wall Street Journal’s Law blog. His campaign for New York State Attorney General was highlighted in the Gotham Gazette, Poughkeepsie Journal and WNYC.

USA Today: “Simon Applebaum Wins 2010 Media Prognostication Title”
December 30, 2010

Professor Christopher Dixon was featured for his participation in the 14th Annual USA Today Media Prognostication Contest.

The Australian: “Tax Cuts Work Better Than Public Stimulus”
December 29, 2010

Professor Amity Shlaes’s thoughts on The New Deal in her book, The Forgotten Man, were referenced, with additional pick-up in The Journal Gazette, Politico, WNYC’s The Takeaway and three other outlets.

The Wall Street Journal: “Is Mexico China’s Future?”
December 29, 2010

Professor Kim Ruhl’s co-authored paper, examining countries’ difficulty in moving from “middle income” status to the ranks of advanced nations, was cited in the Real Time Economics blog.

The Huffington Post: “2011 Will Bring More de Facto Decriminalization of Elite Financial Fraud”
December 28, 2010

Professor Paul Romer’s co-authored research on the role of looting in the savings and loan crisis was highlighted, with additional coverage in another Huffington Post piece.

Bloomberg: “Top Stories: Business and Finance”
December 26, 2010

Professor Richard Sylla’s co-authored book, A History of Interest Rates, was referenced.

Investment Weekly News: “Studies From New York University Update Current Data on Analytical Finance”
December 25, 2010

Professor Anthony Lynch’s co-authored research on allocation rules and their implications for US investors was featured.

The New York Times: “How Superstars’ Pay Stifles Everyone Else”
December 25, 2010

Professor Xavier Gabaix’s co-authored research, estimating that the rise in chief executive pay can be attributed to the increase in the US economy’s market size, was highlighted.

The Guardian: “JJB Sports Shares Surge 22 Percent on News of £31.1M Fundraising”
December 24, 2010

Member of the NYU Stern Executive Board and Professor Richard Bernstein (MBA '87) was cited as the head of Crystal Amber Fund.

American Banker: “A Defining Moment for the Fed, FDIC in ‘Too Big to Fail’”
December 23, 2010

NYU Stern’s Systemic Risk Ranking was referenced.

Vanguard: “Olam, Wins 2010 Oslo Business for Peace Awards for Agricultural Innovation”
December 23, 2010

Nobel Laureate Professor Michael Spence was featured for serving on the 2010 Oslo Business for Peace Awards Committee.

Daily Mirror: “WB Extends Support to Lanka’s Position”
December 21, 2010

Nobel Laureate Professor Michael Spence’s chairmanship of the World Bank’s national growth commission was highlighted.

The Globe and Mail: “Looking for Bargains by the Book”
December 21, 2010

Professor Aswath Damodaran’s suggestion from his book Investment Fables – looking at a company’s returns-on-equity to avoid value traps – was cited. His research on valuing companies was referenced in BVWire News.

Science Letter: “Research From New York University Provides New Data on Management Science”
December 21, 2010

Professor Gonçalo Pacheco-de-Almeida’s study on leader firms’ response to the erosion of competitive advantages in hypercompetitive environments and the phenomenon of “self-displacement” – where leader firms tend to renew competitive advantages more slowly, thereby increasing the probability of being displaced by competitors – was featured.

The Wall Street Journal: “The Return of the Market-Beating Fund Manager”
December 18, 2010

Professor Antti Petajisto’s research, showing that about a third of US fund managers are “closet indexers,” managers who claim to be actively trading assets but are actually trading close to the market benchmark, was highlighted, with additional pick-up on The Guru Investor. His co-authored paper, suggesting consideration of how much a portfolio differs from the index benchmark, or ‘Active Share,’ when assessing funds, was highlighted in the Financial TimesFTAdviser.com, EFinancialNews.com and two MSN Money pieces.

Forbes.com: “Spam Hurts Crowdsourcing but Can’t Kill It”
December 17, 2010

Professor Panagiotis Ipeirotis’s research on the prevalence of ‘spam’ requests on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk was cited, with additional coverage on Business Insider, FastCompany.com and six other outlets.

Communications Daily: “Comm Daily ® Notebook”
December 15, 2010

Professor Nicholas Economides’s paper on net neutrality, warning of discriminatory pricing schemes being considered by several Internet service providers, was referenced.

South China Morning Post : “Influential Speaker is a Big Hit with Executives”
December 15, 2010

Professor Stephen Figlewski was featured for his keynote speech at an HKUST seminar on market volatility, with additional pick-up on scmp.com.

Financial Times Germany: “Learning from the Ski”
December 13, 2010

Professor Holger Mueller’s co-authored study on the relationship between debt-reduction and positive incentives was cited.

TIME.com: “Larry Summers' Warning About the Growth of Government”
December 13, 2010

“Baumol’s Disease,” the phenomenon named for Professor William Baumol whereby salaries increase without improved productivity in certain industries, was applied to developments in the public sector. His contribution to the new book, New Wealth for Old Nations, was highlighted on PR-USA.Net.

NoticiasFinancieras: “The Money Comes with the First Lady”
December 12, 2010

Professor David Yermack’s research, finding that Michelle Obama can boost stock prices, was highlighted.

The Wall Street Journal: “Week in Ideas”
December 11, 2010

Professor Tülin Erdem’s co-authored study, finding that brands have come to replace religion as a source of self-worth among less religious individuals, was referenced.

IBN Live: “Tunku Varadarajan is Editor of CNN International”
December 8, 2010

Professor Tunku Varadarajan was featured for his appointment as Newsweek’s editor of international editions, with additional pick-up in Indo-Asian News Service.

Financial Times: “Time to Turn Prop-Trading Poachers Into Gamekeepers”
December 6, 2010

Professor William Silber’s paper, suggesting a method of uncovering whether proprietary trading has taken place, was featured.

Bloomberg: “‘Voldemort Book’ Destroys Merrill, ‘Zombie Economics:’ Top Business Books”
December 5, 2010

Professor Nouriel Roubini’s book, Crisis Economics, was highlighted, with additional coverage in New Straits Times, The Telegraph and two other outlets.

Government Computer News: “Who is the Smartest of Them All? Study Ranks Digital IQ of Public-Sector Groups”
December 3, 2010

Professor Scott Galloway’s co-created Digital IQ Index for the Public Sector was featured. His talk at the Women’s Jewelry Association’s sixth annual "Women in the Know" conference on January 6, 2010, was highlighted on JCKOnline.com.

The Wall Street Journal: “CFTC Sets Out Four Collateral-Segregation Options for Swaps”
December 3, 2010

NYU Stern's Volatility Institute and the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation co-hosted a conference on managing counterparty and systemic risk under the Dodd-Frank Act, featuring Nobel Laureate Professor Robert Engle, with additional coverage in Investment Weekly News.

CBS Moneywatch: “Bank of America is Not the Only Company That Should Fear WikiLeaks”
December 1, 2010

Professors Elizabeth Morrison and Frances Milliken’s term “organizational silence,” coined to describe their finding that many executives feel unable to talk to their superiors about matters in the company that trouble them, was cited.

Foreign Policy: “The FP Top 100 Global Thinkers”
December 2010

Professors Paul Romer and Nouriel Roubini were touted as two of the top 100 thinkers of the year, with additional coverage in another Foreign Policy piece.

Money Magazine: “Don’t be Fooled by What You See”
December 2010

Professor Priya Raghubir’s co-authored study, finding that investors miscalculate risk by focusing on stock price movement rather than returns, was highlighted.

Stern's Programs & Community

ABC News: “College Students and Credit Cards”
December 30, 2010

Undergraduate student Scott Gamm offered financial advice to college students, with additional coverage in The Huffington Post.

Bloomberg: “Dollar Falls Against Yen for Fourth Day as US Recovery Gains Strength”
December 23, 2010

MBA student Eric Viloria shared his thoughts on the trajectory of various currency markets, with additional pick-up in another Bloomberg piece, Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes.com, The Seattle Times, The Times of India and seven other outlets.

Financial Express: “After Success at Home, Social Ventures Go Abroad”
December 23, 2010

NYU Stern was cited for its research on Keggfarms, a venture that helps women in rural areas generate income.

GraduateGuide.com: “Business Schools Embrace iPad”
December 22, 2010

NYU Stern was cited for its use of the iPad as an educational tool.

Investment Weekly News: “New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Business; NYU Starts Technology Venture Competition”
December 18, 2010

NYU's new Technology Venture Competition, part of NYU Stern's Enterpreneurs Challenge and sponsored by Lowenstein Sandler, EisnerAmper LLP and Maloy Risk Services, was featured, with additional pick-up on InsuranceNewsNet.com, NYULocal, ProfessionalServicesClose-Up and ElectroIQ.com.

Financial Times: “Investments Boost for Paulson & Co”
December 17, 2010

Member of the NYU Stern Board of Overseers John Paulson (BS '78) was cited for his views on gold and his hedge fund’s performance in more than 80 international and national outlets.

Financial Times: “America Must Start Again on Financial Regulation”
December 16, 2010

In an op-ed, NYU Life Trustee and Chairman Emeritus of the NYU Stern Board of Overseers Henry Kaufman (PhD '58) argued that the new regulations in the Dodd-Frank Act were not enough to rein in asset concentration, with additional coverage in another Financial Times piece, a Wall Street Journal blog and iStockAnalyst.com. Fox Business called Kaufman’s thoughts on the kinds of people who lose money one of the best quotes of 2010.

International Business Times: “MBA at HEC Paris Acts as Bridge Between Academic and Corporate Worlds: Professor Gauthier”
December 15, 2010

NYU Stern’s exchange program with HEC Paris was referenced.

CNBC: “Goldman Doesn’t Need to Make Apologies: Langone”
December 13, 2010

Vice Chairman of NYU's Board of Trustees and Vice Chairman of the NYU Stern Board of Overseers Kenneth Langone (MBA '60) argued that too much blame for the financial crisis was levied on financial giant Goldman Sachs, with additional pick-up on Business Insider. His comments on the suicide of Bernie Madoff’s son were featured on CNBC. He was cited in a New York Times blog post that considered New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman’s position towards Wall Street.

International Business Times: “Chandrika Tandon, Sister of Indra Nooyi, Nominated for Grammy”
December 13, 2010

NYU Trustee, Member of the NYU Stern Board of Overseers and Executive-in-Residence Chandrika Tandon was nominated for a Grammy this year, under the Best Contemporary World Music Album category for her album "Om Namo Narayanaya: Soul Call." Additional coverage appeared in Indian Express, IndiaWest.com and three other outlets.

Multichannel News: “WIN Founder Says He’s Willing to Change Name”
December 10, 2010

NYU Stern Board of Overseers Member Michael Jay Solomon declared his willingness to change the name of his Web-based Christian broadcasting network, World Inspirational Network, with additional coverage on Broadcasting & Cable. He discussed network programming plans in another Multichannel News piece, The New American and Christian News Wire. He joined the media, e-commerce and software firm Cinsay Inc.’s board of directors, according to Austin Business Journal, Variety and PR-USA.net.

Bloomberg Businessweek: “B-school Almuni Giving is Up—Sort Of”
December 9, 2010

Alumni donations to NYU Stern in 2010 were highlighted, with additional pick-up on ABCMoney.co.uk.

Poets & Quants: “The Deafening Silence is Broken: An Invitation to Interview from NYU’s Stern School”
December 9, 2010

An NYU Stern MBA applicant shared a perspective on the application process.

Washington Square News: “Chine Mmegwa: The Angel Investor”
December 9, 2010

Undergraduate student Chine Mmegwa was featured for her mentorship of fellow students and community-reinforcing work at Stern.

Washington Square News: “The 15 Most Influential Students at NYU”
December 9, 2010

Undergraduate students Andrea Catsimatidis and Eric Platt were featured as two of the 15 most influential students at NYU, Catsimatidis for her leadership of the College Republicans and Platt as editor-in-chief of Washington Square News.

FINS Finance: “Wall Street Steps Up MBA Hiring”
December 8, 2010

Assistant Dean of Career Services and Leadership Development Pamela Mittman discussed the uptick in investment banking jobs available to NYU Stern students.

Poets & Quants: “Just One of 4,653 Applicants Trying to Get Into a Top School”
December 8, 2010

Data on NYU Stern’s full-time MBA class of 2012 was cited.

Washington Square News: “Stern Honors Popular Fashion Website Founders”
December 8, 2010

Undergraduate student Helen Zuo discussed the NYU Entrepreneurial Exchange Group’s recent event with the founders of RentTheRunway.com.

Bloomberg: “Oil Supply Falls in Survey on Refinery Demand: Energy Markets”
December 7, 2010

Executive MBA student John Licata was interviewed on his outlook for crude oil prices.

Securities Lending Times: “Kellner DiLeo Add to Securities Lending Team”
December 7, 2010

Member of the NYU Stern Board of Overseers George Kellner (MBA '73) shared his thoughts on the new senior vice president of Kellner DiLeo & Co.’s securities lending group, with additional coverage in Fundamentals Magazine.

Financial Times: “HEC Paris at the Top”
December 6, 2010

The TRIUM Global Executive MBA, a joint program with NYU Stern, LSE and HEC Paris, was highlighted.

Financial Times: “Smooth Sailing in Rough Seas for Merger Arbitrageurs”
December 6, 2010

Member of the NYU Stern Board of Overseers Peter Schoenfeld (Arts '66, MBA '68) talked about the recent success of hostile takeover bids and the resulting effect on merger arbitrage. Bloomberg and Bloomberg Businessweek highlighted his assessment of the Smurfit-Stone Container Corp.'s acquisition potential.

CNBC: “The MBA Job Market”
December 3, 2010

Dean Peter Henry, Assistant Dean of Career Services and Leadership Development Pamela Mittman and MBA students Gus Giacoman and Simon Heather were interviewed for their thoughts on the state of the MBA job market, current employment trends and the value of an MBA.

Financial Times: “US Business Schools Recruiting in Europe”
December 3, 2010

MBA student Chloe Weisberg shared her experience on the NYU Stern European Business Society’s annual “London Trek” in the MBA blog.

NYU Local: “How to Get Into the Stern MBA Program”
December 2, 2010

A video essay submitted by an NYU Stern MBA applicant was featured.

Poets & Quants: “The Value of the MBA Degree”
December 2, 2010

Two NYU Stern MBA alumni are among the top 25 highest paid CEOs, according to a study conducted by compensation consultant Equilar.

Digital Signage Expo: “PRN Names New Vice President of Market Research”
December 1, 2010

NYU Stern’s Center for Measurable Marketing was highlighted.

Forbes.com: “Billionaire Bailout Investors”
December 1, 2010

Member of the NYU Stern Board of Overseers Leonard N. Stern’s (BS '57, MBA '59) participation in the Term Asset-Backed Loan Program was featured in the Jungle blog.

Professional Women’s Multicultural Magazine: “PWM’s Best of the Best”
Winter 2010

NYU Stern was recognized as one of the top 25 business schools for women.

Expert Commentary from Faculty

Seeking Alpha: “Evaluating Risks of Illiquidity”
December 31, 2010

Professor Aswath Damodaran was cited for his thoughts on asset selection and valuation in an illiquid market. His ideas on transaction costs were referenced on GuruFocus.com.

Financial Times: “US Households Are, by Historical Standards, Still Wealthy”
December 29, 2010

In a co-authored op-ed in the Economist’s Forum blog, Professor David Backus argued that despite the economic downtown, US households are still wealthy by historical standards.

New York Daily News: “Complaints About Blizzard Cleanup Hit Bloomberg Like an Avalanche”
December 29, 2010

Professor Lucius Riccio described the exceptional conditions of the recent blizzard that led to the difficulty in cleaning up the snow in New York City.

The Wall Street Journal: “Public Relations Learned the Hard Way”
December 29, 2010

Professor Irving Schenkler’s analysis of Hewlett-Packard’s missteps in handling the communication of a CEO’s departure was featured.

The Wall Street Journal: “Sotheby’s Hammers the Bears”
December 23, 2010

Professor Michael Moses shared his thoughts on fine art sales in 2010.

The Wall Street Journal: “Why the Bond Rally is at an End”
December 23, 2010

Professor Robert Whitelaw commented that should bond prices fall, they could contribute to pushing the economy into a double-dip recession.

CounterPunch.org: “The Tax-Payers' Tab: A Cool $9 Trillion and Then Some”
December 20, 2010

Professor Viral Acharya’s testimony to the House of Representatives about the role of unregulated banks, called conduits, was cited.

The New York Post: “Hollywood Dreams Take Digital Direction”
December 19, 2010

Professor Amir Malin expressed his hesitation at calling digital distribution channels for movies “game-changers” in the industry.

ItaliaOggi: “Un 2010 Con la Professione”
December 17, 2010

Professor Baruch Lev shared his thoughts on intellectual capital.

The Wall Street Journal: “‘Vultures’ Give US Good Mark”
December 16, 2010

Professor Edward Altman discussed the GM bankruptcy.

Financial News: “Reshuffling the Banking Pack”
December 14, 2010

In an op-ed, Professor Roy Smith shared his thoughts on establishing a fail-safe financial system.

The Huffington Post: “Secrets of the (High-End) Art Market”
December 14, 2010

Professors William Baumol and Michael Moses were cited for their thoughts on information asymmetry and the Mei-Moses Art Index, respectively.

Project-Syndicate.org: “The Risk Tsunami”
December 14, 2010

In an op-ed, Nobel Laureate Professor Michael Spence argued that the G-20 must guide global interdependence, with additional pick-up in El Economista, European Voice, TODAY and five other outlets. His view that few countries were able to become fully-industrialized nations after World War II was cited on Project-Syndicate.org. He shared his outlook for the global economy in an exclusive interview with Financial Express. His support for curbing capital inflows was cited in Business Standard. His view that disclosure is necessary to avoid the recurrence of situations such as the Greek crisis was referenced on Bloomberg. His thoughts on the growth and sustainability of the Indian economy were cited in The Economic Times, Indian Express and LiveMint.com.

Arkansas Business: “Arkansas Exports See Revenue Rise for Most Products in 2010”
December 13, 2010

Professor Richard Levich shared his thoughts on US exporters.

BigThink.com: “When China Rules the World”
December 13, 2010

Nobel Laureate Professor Michael Spence and Professor Nouriel Roubini’s participation in a special series on China, Spence discussing why China will likely become a more democratic country and Roubini arguing why the Chinese yuan will become the global reserve currency, was featured.

CNBC: “Rare Earth Production Revs Up as Shortage Looms”
December 13, 2010

Professor Joseph Foudy discussed the prevalence of rare earth minerals in modern electronics. He commented on the US retail industry on Xinhua News. Professor Foudy also appeared on several Reuters TV and India TV segments.

Fortune: “How the Bond Rout Shows Bernanke is Right”
December 10, 2010

Professor Anthony Karydakis explained the reasons for the bond market sell-off.

The Wall Street Journal: “The Bush Tax Cuts Never Went Far Enough”
December 8, 2010

In a co-authored op-ed, Professor Thomas Cooley argued that Obama’s tax deal would not solve the problem of low capital accumulation, with additional pick-up on Bloomberg Street Smart, Fox Business and three other outlets. He gave an exclusive interview on the state of the Spanish economy and spoke on the Fed’s role in stabilizing markets and NYU Stern’s book, Regulating Wall Street, in two separate Expansión pieces. His analysis of the market’s indifference to the announcement of the Dodd-Frank Act was cited in American Banker and on BankInvestmentConsultant.com.

Best’s Insurance News: “Former NY Insurance Chief Dinallo Expects Increased M&A Activity”
December 7, 2010

Professor Eric Dinallo outlined his expectation of seeing a rise in mergers and acquisitions of insurance companies.

The Huffington Post: “Does Outsourcing Create Jobs?”
December 6, 2010

In an op-ed, Professor Ralph Gomory explained the effects of outsourcing on an industry’s productivity and the US trade deficit. On JustMeans.com, he contended that while the goals of the US and its corporations should be aligned, they have diverged in recent years.

Denver Post: “Battle for America’s TV Underway”
December 5, 2010

Professor Nicholas Economides elaborated on the competition large cable providers face from online companies. He identified possible anti-competitive moves by these same cable and Internet providers as net neutrality violations in another Denver Post piece.

The Telegraph: “What’s Behind the 2010 Gold Rush?”
December 4, 2010

Professor Richard Sylla said that anxieties over inflation and the failure of paper currencies are driving the boom in gold investment.

Financial Times: “Pay Attention to the Bond Market’s ‘New Creatures’”
December 3, 2010

Professor Ian D’Souza discussed how the inertia of investor psychology can bring equity-like risk factors into new asset classes, such as bonds. 

mLive.com: “New Yorker Article Suggests Wall Street is Vegas on Steroids”
December 3, 2010

Professor Thomas Philippon asserted that financial sector employees are overpaid because they get evaluated quarterly, pointing to the fact that they are rewarded for risky bets that may later end up as losses.

Bloomberg: “WikiLeaks Plus Fed Disclosures Are Data Overload”
December 2, 2010

In an op-ed, Professor Amity Shlaes emphasized the importance of information gatekeepers, such as editors, in an age of information glut, with additional pick-up in The San Francisco Examiner. In an op-ed for Bloomberg Businessweek, she supported Democrats who attacked Obama’s tax cut deal, with additional pick-up in FortWayneJournalGazette, ConcordMonitor and three other outlets. She eulogized Keynesianism in the US in a New York Daily News op-ed. She decried the Congressional Budget Office on MediaMatters.org and argued for a way to rescue Social Security on Scripps News. Her thoughts on the New Deal were cited on FrumForum.com.

CNBC: “Euro Markets Have Most Positive Surprises: Bernstein”
December 2, 2010

Member of the NYU Stern Executive Board and Professor Richard Bernstein (MBA '87) expressed his opinion that there is a bright spot in the European market’s future, with additional pick-up on Reuters and ForexPros.com. He advised against investing in gold on ABC News. He shared his experiences during his Wall Street years with Barron’s. He discussed the stock market’s four phases in USA Today, DailyMarkets.com and PlanetInsane.com. He said on Reuters that US stocks will outperform emerging markets in 2011, with additional pick-up in International Business Times, a MarketWatch blog, Business Insider and four other outlets. His report of positive earnings surprises in Europe was cited on Financial-Planning.com.

The Daily Beast: “Revolutionary World Cup”
December 2, 2010

In an op-ed, Professor Tunku Varadarajan called the choice of Russia and Qatar as sites of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, respectively, transformative and argued that the decision could weaken al Qaeda.

Financial Times: “Football Feast: The World Cup Heads to Russia and Qatar”
December 2, 2010

Professor Paul Romer’s recommendation that emerging markets delegate administration of parts of their country to developed nations was cited on the Beyond Brics blog.

Knowledge@Wharton: “Auctions, Governance and Transparency: The Devil is in the Details”
December 2, 2010

In a co-authored op-ed, Professor Arun Sundararajan declared that in all institutionalization efforts, such as the allocation of scarce public resources, the maximization of social welfare must be the overarching objective, and the effort should involve careful analysis and methodological rigor in order to be successful.

Platts Commodity News: “US CFTC Disruptive Trading Measures Could Hurt Market: Gas Fund Official”
December 2, 2010

Professor Joel Hasbrouck stated his belief that it would be difficult for the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission to come up with rules prohibiting disruptive trading technology because the technology is still developing.

BBC World Service: “The Climate Connection: Consumption on the Couch”
December 1, 2010

Professor Tom Meyvis was asked to address how persuading consumers to change their behavior in response to climate change concerns compares to selling products and developing other advertising campaigns in the public interest.

Downtown Express: “Possible Charter School to Move into Tweed”
December 1, 2010

Professor Eric Greenleaf stressed that the downtown Manhattan elementary school system is overcrowded and in need of more seats. A presentation of Greenleaf’s, outlining the overcrowding problem, was featured on NearSay.

Forbes.com: “A Spanish Inquisition”
December 1, 2010

In a co-authored op-ed, Professor Nouriel Roubini argued for a closer look at the integrity of the Spanish economy. In an op-ed for Project-Syndicate.org, he recommended policies to stabilize the Eurozone, with additional pick-up in Business Day, Social Europe Journal, TODAY and four other outlets. He shared his views on emerging market assets in an Australian Financial Review op-ed. In a Gulf Times op-ed, he noted that measures taken by advanced economies to stave off recession might have the opposite effect. His views on bearish housing prices were cited on two CNBC pieces, a Forbes.com blog, a New York Times blog, a TIME blog and seven other outlets. He was cited on US economic policy and the economic state of the Eurozone in six Bloomberg pieces, six CNBC pieces, two Bloomberg Businessweek pieces, a Forbes.com blog, MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, The Guardian, The New York Times, Reuters and 18 other outlets. His analysis of India’s economy and how it might surpass China’s economy in the next decade was featured in six Bloomberg pieces, two Bloomberg Businessweek pieces, The Hindu Business Line and five other outlets. His popularity, economic predictions and global economic analysis on a variety of subjects were featured in three CNBC pieces, two Bloomberg Businessweek pieces, a Harvard Business Review blog and 18 other outlets. His interview as one of Foreign Policy’s Top 100 Global Thinkers was featured in a Foreign Policy blog and two Reuters videos. The Telegraph featured a profile of his background and body of work.

Reuters: “Analysis: Amid Discount Sales, Concern Over Loan Book Valuations”
December 1, 2010

Professor Lawrence White predicted the way in which US regional banks with recently offloaded bad loans will approach capital markets, with the promise of investing in profitable loans. He argued on ABC News that billionaires should base charitable giving decisions on whether they are still in the creative phase of their careers, suggesting that investing in business provides greater social value during their productive years but charitable donations offer more value after they retire.

City Journal: “Cities from Scratch”
December 2010

In a co-authored op-ed, Professor Paul Romer described how charter cities could provide a new path for development to keep up with the rapid urbanization of the global population. His thoughts on the lure of accounting fraud were cited in a CNN blog.

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