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Stern Visiting Research Scholar Pankaj Ghemawat Talks to Students and Alumni about World 3.0

Pankaj Ghemawat, Anselmo Rubiralta Professor of Global Strategy at IESE Business School in Barcelona and Visiting Research Scholar at NYU Stern, spoke to NYU Stern alumni and students about his latest book, World 3.0, which offers a new approach to globalization. Inspiration for the title came from Web 3.0, which unlike Web 1.0 (looking up information), and Web 2.0 (a new model involving social networking and sharing of information across borders), is not just about communicating but about communicating with context and understanding.

Looking at the world economy post-financial crisis, Ghemawat described the role that private businesses, policy makers, citizens and the press can play in facilitating the flow of ideas, people and goods across borders, optimizing the economic benefits for all countries. The event was jointly hosted by NYU's Stern School of Business, Institute for Public Knowledge and Center for Global Affairs.

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