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Geeta Menon Appointed Dean of Stern Undergraduate College

NYU President John Sexton and Provost David McLaughlin today announced the appointment of Geeta Menon, the Abraham Krasnoff Professor of Global Business and Professor of Marketing, as the dean of the undergraduate college of the Leonard N. Stern School of Business. Her appointment is effective July 15, 2011.
Dean Menon – whose research interests include the study of consumer memory, information processing and emotions in the contexts of survey methodology, advertising of health information, and risk perception – has been a member of the faculty of NYU’s Stern School of Business since 1990.

John Sexton said, “In many ways, when Albert Gallatin founded NYU, he had a school like Stern very much in mind – an education that would serve those pursuing business interests well. But, as far-sighted a person as he was, I doubt he could imagine the business environment for which we now prepare our students – fast-moving, high-tech, and global. In selecting a dean for Stern’s undergraduate college, the search committee had a challenging task: find someone committed to undergraduate education, someone who believed Stern’s graduates should be well educated, not just well-prepared for business; someone who understood the modern business environment; and someone who would imaginatively make use of the distinctive advantages NYU offers – its home in New York City and its connection to a global network of academic centers – to sustain the undergraduate college’s momentum.

“And the search committee – headed by Bruce Buchanan – delivered us just such a candidate: the superb Geeta Menon. She comes to us not only with all these attributes, not only with an outstanding record as a scholar, not only with a commitment to education, but also with a thorough knowledge and proven record of dedication to the Stern School.

“I would like to thank all the members of the search committee, and especially its chair, Professor Bruce Buchanan. Despite their many responsibilities, they dedicated many hours to this undertaking, which yielded a wonderful result.

“I would also like to thank Fred Choi, who has been serving as acting dean for the past year. We knew when Fred accepted this assignment that the undergraduate college would be in excellent, experienced hands, and so it was. We are grateful to him.”

David McLaughlin said, “I am very pleased by the appointment of Geeta Menon. A strong scholar, an intellectual leader, an excellent academic administrator, an innovative thinker with a genuine interest in undergraduate education and a clear understanding of the need to prepare students for globalized world: she will be an outstanding dean of Stern’s undergraduate college. I congratulate her on her selection, thank the search committee for their hard work and discernment, and thank Fred Choi for his great work as acting dean.”

Before joining the faculty of NYU’s Stern School in 1990, Geeta Menon was a research executive at the Indian Market Research Bureau in Delhi. After joining NYU, she has also held appointments as a Visiting Scholar at the Indian Institute of Management, a Visiting Scholar at Stanford Business School, a Visiting Professor at the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad, and the Laura and John J. Pomerantz Professor of Marketing at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

The author of numerous scholarly publications, her work includes key articles published in the Journal of Consumer Research such as “Behavioral Frequency Judgments: An Accessibility-Diagnosticity Framework” (1995), “AIDS and Me, Never the Twain Shall Meet” (1998), “We’re at as Much Risk as We’re Led to Believe” (2002), and “A Sound Idea: Phonetic Effects on Consumer Judgments” (2004), as well as in the Journal of Marketing Research such as “How Well do you Know Your Partner?” (1995), “Are the Parts Better than the Whole?” (1997), and “Getting Emotional about Health” (2007). Her work has been funded by the National Institutes of Health and the American Diabetes Association.

She has served in numerous leadership roles in her field and received many honors and awards, including being elected president of the Association of Consumer Research, where she had previously served as treasurer and co-chair of its annual conference; serving as associate editor at Journal of Consumer Research and at Journal of Marketing Research; serving as a member of the advisory panel of Journal of Consumer Psychology and as a member of the editorial board of Journal of Public Policy and Marketing; being named a Harold MacDowell Faculty Fellow; and receiving the Citibank Award for Excellence in Teaching, among others.

Professor Menon received a BA in economics from Stella Maris College in 1981 and a MA in economics from Madras Christian College (both affiliated with Madras University), and a Ph.D. in business administration from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1991.

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