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Stern Campus Greening Initiative Wins Net Impact Green Challenge

The Stern Campus Greening Initiative (SCGI) won "green" at the national Net Impact Green Challenge, an event that recognizes and rewards members of the Net Impact group who are working on tangible projects that make a positive environmental impact on their company, campus or community. With the goal to create an awareness of sustainability among the Stern community, SCGI is the first group at New York University to organize a School-wide sustainability initiative with students, faculty, administrator representation and the support of the School's leadership.

Competing against other top business schools, SCGI presented the year's results to a group of environmental industry judges. Teams were asked to explain the outcomes of their efforts, stakeholder engagement and the scalability of their efforts to other schools. Jake Berlin (MBA '09), head of SCGI, said, "We've been able to do a lot over the past year, from a more aggressive recycling program to energy and water conservation efforts, to create and implement environmental initiatives for the entire Stern community. It is exciting that we've been recognized for our hard work."

"The SGCI accomplishments in the past year have been truly impressive and they continue to lead our School-wide sustainability effort," said Kim Corfman, Vice Dean for MBA Programs and member of SCGI. "In the classroom and through our support of initiatives like these, we are encouraging the development of a socially responsible mindset in all of our students. We are proud of the SCGI for their win and look forward to working with them to achieve the ambitious goals they have set for the next year."

As the winner, SCGI received a cash prize of $500, $500 in 2008 Net Impact conference scholarships, a $100 gift certificate for green products from, 8,000 lbs. in CO2 offset from TerraPass and recognition of project success on Net Impact's webpage, at the 2008 North American conference and in Net Impact's newsletter publications.

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