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The Right Honourable Gordon Brown Sits Down With NYU Stern Students

The Right Honorable Gordon Brown, former prime minister of the United Kingdom, sat down with a select group of MBA, executive MBA and undergraduate students from NYU Stern to discuss the economic crisis, the role of policymakers in preventing future crises and the growing interconnectedness of world economies.

“Meeting The Right Honorable Gordon Brown on-campus was an amazing opportunity,” says undergraduate student Elspeth Ong. “Hearing firsthand about the difficult decisions that world leaders face in today’s fast-paced world was incredibly interesting. I particularly enjoyed hearing his views on embracing globalization.”

Later that same day, Brown met with several Stern faculty to share his perspectives on the state of the world post-financial crisis, globalization, emerging markets and the role of Europe and the United States in the world-wide economic recovery.

Brown, member of Parliament, is NYU’s inaugural Distinguished Global Leader in Residence.