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NYU Stern’s Citi Leadership & Ethics Program Appoints Dorian Dale as Eighth Distinguished Fellow

With countries around the globe grappling with how best to curb global warming and reduce the world’s carbon footprint, NYU Stern’s Citi Leadership and Ethics Program is focusing on how to apply market-based approaches to address environmental issues and foster economic growth.

Marking its eighth year, the Program appointed Dorian Dale, Energy Director and Sustainability Officer of Babylon, New York, as the 2010-2011 Distinguished Citi Fellow in Leadership and Ethics. Recognized for his expertise in the area of sustainability, Dale has demonstrated how energy efficiency initiatives can foster economic opportunities.

The town of Babylon appointed Dale to the newly created position of energy director in 2006. Since that date, Babylon has codified the most rigorous energy efficiency standards in the country. As a result, the town was chosen by Sir Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room as one of 15 international cities, joining Vancouver, Chicago, New York, London and Copenhagen, for its effort to unify an approach to energy efficiency.

Through its Long Island Green Homes program (LIGH), which Dale developed in tandem with Babylon Supervisor Steve Bellone, residents can make energy conserving improvements to their homes at little or no cost and without assuming debt. Upon request, LIGH will pay a contractor for energy-efficient improvements to a home and set up a monthly payment plan with the homeowner, structured such that the savings in energy costs will cover the monthly payments. LIGH was the first municipally administered and financed energy efficiency retrofit program in the country. The innovative program has also garnered praise from McKinsey & Co and the Alliance to Save Energy, in addition to recognition at leading sustainability conferences across the country.

Dale is a charter member of the national Urban Sustainability Directors Network, serving on its planning committee, and has been accepted as a faculty member of the first China Climate Leadership Academy of the Institute for Sustainable Communities.

In the spring, Dale will keynote the Citi Program’s annual conference for Stern students and alumni, and throughout the academic year, he will interact informally with faculty and students. “Dale’s insights on how to devise and implement a strategy on energy and sustainability initiatives will be invaluable to the Stern community,” explains Bruce Buchanan, C.W. Nichols Professor of Business Ethics and Director of the Business and Society Program Area at NYU Stern. “In light of the Citi Foundation’s support of environmental innovations and its commitment to embedding ‘green’ components within their key areas of work, Dale is an ideal choice for this year’s Fellow.”

About the Citi Leadership and Ethics Program

Established in 2003, NYU Stern’s Citi Leadership and Ethics Program, made possible through the generous support of the Citi Foundation and managed by Stern’s Business & Society Program Area, represents a comprehensive effort on behalf of the School to extend its longstanding commitment to the practice of professionally responsible business. Dorian Dale is serving as the eighth distinguished fellow under the program, which also supports the development of curricular and research innovations in the area of leadership and ethics. He follows seven previous fellows: Mary Ellen Iskenderian, Arthur Levitt, John Biggs, Harvey Goldschmidt, Charles D. Ellis, Alice Tepper Marlin and Fred Krupp.

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