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Dean Peter Henry and Author Naomi Klein Discuss Business & Global Markets

Naomi Klein (left), author of Shock Doctrine, and NYU Stern Dean Peter Henry spoke to undergraduate students in the course, “Business and Its Publics,” a part of the Social Impact Core requirement for all Stern freshmen, about big picture issues in today’s global markets. They addressed the changing role of corporations in relation to other societal institutions such as national culture, tribes, social groups and religions; the relationship between multinational corporations and economic development; and the effects that global corporations have on developing nations.

According to Klein, globalization does not mean “Americanization,” but rather “corporatization.” She also argued that natural and man-made crises and disasters are frequently used to promote new policies.

Dean Henry described his recent research comparing patterns of economic development in Barbados and Jamaica. He explained the differential effects of prudence and populism on economic outcomes in emerging markets.

About NYU Stern’s Undergraduate Course: “Business and Its Publics”
Over the course of the semester, students explore the interconnectedness between business, society, markets, politics, sustainability, social entrepreneurship and social justice. Past speakers have included CEOs, politicians, regulators, entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, activists, artists and writers.