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NYU Stern, Aspen Institute, Ernst & Young Hold Roundtable on Future of Financial Market Regulation

On June 4, 2009, a group of twenty people comprised of senior business and law faculty and business practitioners (and including among their numbers a small contingent of former senior government officials) was jointly convened by The Aspen Institute and New York University with support from Ernst & Young to discuss responses to the current economic crisis and to explore the role of financial market regulations in fostering economic recovery and growth. (A list of those in attendance is appended to this paper.)

This document
represents a preliminary synopsis of some of the ideas that emerged from the gathering. A longer document, which will treat the topics of the day in more depth, is forthcoming. However, given the Obama administration’s recent release of its White Paper on Regulatory Reform and the continued negotiations that are likely to occur in the coming weeks, the conveners of the event have opted to issue this paper now in the hopes that it can make a useful contribution to that process.

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