Faculty News

Stern in the News: March 2011

In March, NYU Stern generated more than 600 media hits. Stern faculty were featured for their research and perspectives on a variety of subjects including creativity, piracy in the music industry, workplace blogging, investment myths and jobs in the tradable sector in a number of prominent outlets such as Bloomberg, Financial Times and The New York Times. Additionally, in 54 op-eds, Stern faculty discussed the detection of deception, company data disclosure, the economic effects of Japan’s natural disasters and the expansion of social media company operations in New York City.

Please continue reading for news highlights from March 2011.

Faculty Research & Accolades

BigThink.com: “The Technology Route to Development”
March 31, 2011

Professor Paul Romer was highlighted for his theory that ideas and innovation lead to economic growth. His concept of the “charter city” was referenced on PSFK.com.

The Economist: “Cash Machines”
March 31, 2011

Nobel Laureate Professor Michael Spence and Research Assistant Sandile Hlatshwayo’s paper, looking at US employment growth and the effects of globalization on the middle class, was featured, with additional pick-up in The Washington Post, a Council on Foreign Relations blog, PC Magazine and Political Affairs. Professor Spence’s research on economic growth and investment was featured on Financial Markets. His 2001 Nobel prize-winning research on information asymmetry was cited in The San Francisco Chronicle and two other outlets. He was highlighted on The Huffington Post for co-organizing an IMF conference on macroeconomic policy on March 7, with additional coverage in Eurasia Review, Reuters and three other outlets. He was highlighted for teaching microeconomics to Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer as undergraduates in The Providence Journal and EconomicPrincipals.com.

Voxy.co.nz: “Late Payments Put Increased Business to Business Lending at Risk”
March 30, 2011

Research from NYU Stern on Dun & Bradstreet's trade payment data was referenced.

American Thinker: “Obama's High Food Price Policy Stealing Milk from Babies”
March 29, 2011

Professor Amity Shlaes’s book, The Forgotten Man, was referenced.

TIME: “140 Best Twitter Feeds”
March 28, 2011

Professor Nouriel Roubini was cited for having one of the top 140 Twitter feeds.

The Hollywood Reporter: “Amir Malin Named to GenArts Board of Directors”
March 23, 2011

Professor Amir Malin’s recent appointment to the VFX software developer GenArts’s board of directors was cited, with additional pick-up in Variety.

Psychology Today: “The Costs of Changing Your Mindset”
March 22, 2011

Professors Anne-Laure Sellier and Tom Meyvis’s co-authored research on the mental costs of switching problem-solving strategies was featured in the Ulterior Motives blog. Professor Meyvis’s research showing that taking breaks can enhance the enjoyment of a pleasant activity was featured in SELF magazine.

CNN Money: “Stuck in Reverse: Split Doesn't Fix Citi”
March 21, 2011

Professor April Klein and alumna Jennifer Tucker’s (PhD '04) research dispelling myths on reverse stock splits was featured.

Financial Times: “Fannie and Freddie: A Fool’s Errand”
March 21, 2011

Professors Viral Acharya, Matthew Richardson, Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh and Lawrence White's new book, Guaranteed to Fail, was reviewed, with additional coverage on Bloomberg, Yahoo! Finance, Morningstar.com and five other electronic outlets. 

Financial Times: “Reward for Risk Seems to Be a Chimera”
March 20, 2011

Professor Jeffrey Wurgler’s co-authored research, contradicting the long-held belief that betting on riskier investments yields higher returns, was featured, with additional coverage in Forbes and Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Investment Weekly News: “Study Findings From R. Jankowitsch et al Provide New Insights into Banking and Finance”
March 19, 2011

Professor Marti Subrahmanyam’s co-authored research on price dispersion in over-the-counter markets was featured.

sify news: “Expert Opinion on New Product Could Be Misleading”
March 18, 2011

Professor Amitav Chakravarti’s research, looking at situations in which expert opinion can be less reliable than inexperienced opinion, was highlighted.

The Wall Street Journal: “US Libor Probe Includes BofA, Citi, UBS”
March 18, 2011

Visiting Scholar Rosa Abrantes-Metz’s co-authored research on possible manipulation of the London interbank offered rate (Libor) was cited, with additional coverage in Financial Times and Finance and Economy.

The Economist: “Taming Leviathan”
March 17, 2011

Professor William Baumol’s concept, Baumol’s disease, was cited, with additional coverage on New Geography. His article on entrepreneurship was cited in The Atlantic.

The New York Times: “‘Fat Pig’ Will Not Open on Broadway This Season”
March 17, 2011

Professor Aldo Scrofani was highlighted on the Arts Beat blog as a co-producer of the upcoming Broadway show “Fat Pig,” with additional coverage in The Hollywood Reporter, Variety and three other outlets.

TheStreet.com: “Top Stocks Picked by S&P 500 Slayers”
March 16, 2011

Professor Antti Petajisto’s research on active fund management was highlighted.

Australian Financial Review: “Outrageous Fortunes: The 12 Surprising Trends That Will Reshape the Global Economy”
March 11, 2011

Professor Daniel Altman’s new book, Outrageous Fortunes, was featured. He discussed another one of his books, The Future of the Global Economy, at Books & Company’s second annual discussion series, “Books and Distinguished Company,” on April 14.

Financial Times: “In the Dock, But Not in Jail”
March 11, 2011

Professor Thomas Philippon’s research on financial sector compensation was referenced.

The Globe and Mail: “Desire For Yields Whets Appetite for Junk Bonds”
 March 7, 2011

Professor Edward Altman’s research on the correlation between high-yield default rates and periods of increased insurance was featured.

Financial Times: “Rock and Roll and Research”
March 6, 2011

Professor Rodolphe Durand’s research on the relationship between piracy and capitalism was featured, with additional coverage in BusinessDay and The Globe and Mail.

The Times of India: “IIT-B to Felicitate Its Whizkids”
March 6, 2011

Professor Viral Acharya received the Young Alum Achievers Award from the Indian Institute of Technology on March 10, with additional pick-up in Hindustan Times.

The Wall Street Journal: “Week in Ideas”
March 5, 2011

Professor Evan Polman’s forthcoming co-authored study, finding that people are more creative when thinking on behalf of another person, was featured, with additional coverage on BNet.com and a Fast Company blog.  

Forbes.com: “Personal Blogging at Work Increases Productivity”
March 1, 2011

Professor Anindya Ghose’s co-authored study on the benefits of workplace blogging was featured in the Getting Ahead blog, with additional coverage in a New York Times blog and seven other outlets.

Faculty Speaking Engagements

Reuters: “Wharton's Lauder Institute Hosts Conference on Global Economic Risk in Philadelphia, April 7-8, 2011”
March 28, 2011

Professor Nouriel Roubini co-presented the keynote address at the Wharton Lauder Institute’s conference on global economic risk on April 7, with additional pick-up in the Sacramento Bee. Hurriyet Daily News reported his participation in the Turkish Retailers’ Federation’s Regional Retail Chains Meeting on April 27-28. He gave the keynote speech at a MIPIM Press event on March 9, according to the Sacramento Bee. His appearance at the Banque de France’s conference in Paris on March 4 was highlighted in a Wall Street Journal blog. His attendance at the Russia Forum on February 2-4 was highlighted on KZ Press-Club.

Wired: “Twitter Makes Starting Any Business Easier, Creator Jack Dorsey Says”
March 23, 2011

Professor Vijay Vaitheeswaran was highlighted for his role as a moderator at The Economist’s Ideas Economy Conference in Berkeley, CA, on March 23, with additional coverage on TechCrunch.com.

4-traders.com: “PREIT to Present at Citi 2011 Global Property CEO Conference”
March 10, 2011

Professor Edward Glickman participated in a roundtable presentation at the Citi 2011 Global Property CEO Conference in Hollywood, Florida, on March 16.

Stern's Programs & Community

CNBC: “2 Kraft Foods Directors Won’t Seek Re-election”
March 31, 2011

Dean Peter Henry’s nomination to Kraft Foods Inc.’s board of directors was featured, with additional pick-up in Bloomberg Businessweek, The Chicago Sun-Times and seven additional outlets.

NYConvergence.com: “Ultra Light Startups Hosting Mobile Event on April 7”
March 31, 2011

NYU Stern hosted the Ultra Light Startups event on mobile apps on April 7.

The Times of India: “World’s Most Powerful and Sought-After Women”
March 30, 2011

NYU Trustee, member of the NYU Stern Board of Overseers and Executive-in-Residence Chandrika Tandon was highlighted for her 2011 Grammy nomination, with additional coverage in Screen India and two other outlets. She performed at I Meditate NY’s April 10 launch event at the Lincoln Center, according to Nutrition and Diet News.

Euronews: “Soft Skills for Success”
March 29, 2011

Vice Dean of MBA Programs and Professor Kim Corfman discussed the importance of soft skills, which are taught in Professor Patricia Bower’s MBA course, “The Performing Manager.”

Metro: “A Lesson in Expansion: Prestigious Universities are Joining Local Institutions to Train Future Generations”
March 29, 2011

NYU Stern was cited for the special opportunities it makes available to NYU Abu Dhabi graduates.

Alister & Paine: “The Relevance of Executive Education”
March 28, 2011

Professors Elizabeth Morrison and Susan Stehlik shared their thoughts on the executive education courses offered at NYU Stern.

CNBC: “Durable Goods & Jobless Claims”
March 24, 2011

Vice Chairman of NYU's Board of Trustees and Vice Chairman of the NYU Stern Board of Overseers Kenneth Langone (MBA '60) shared his thoughts on the US economy, with two additional interviews on CNBC. His comments on when the interest rates will rise were cited in International Business Times and NASDAQ.

Digital Journal: “WNET To Honor Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit at 18th Annual Gala Salute”
March 24, 2011

Member of the NYU Stern Board of Overseers Philip Milstein (MBA ‘74) was a Dinner Chair at the WNET New York Public Media’s 8th annual Gala Salute on April 7.

Washington Square News: “Stern Students Win Dannon Marketing Challenge”
March 24, 2011

Undergraduate students Justin Song, Helen Zuo, Paul Katsnelson and Dennis Katsnelson, members of “Team Awesome,” were featured for winning the Trust by Danone: The Student Business Challenge National Finals.

Entertainment Close-up: “SmartOps Unveils Sponsorship of MIT Sloan's Operations Simulation Competition”
March 22, 2011

NYU Stern was cited as a previous winner of MIT Sloan’s Operations Simulation Competition (OpsSimCom).

wuv.de: “On the Way to MediaMBA: The View Beyond the Borders”
March 21, 2011

NYU Stern was mentioned in a story on MBA programs incorporating international components.

ClearAdmit.com: “Campus Chronicles: The Stern Opportunity”
March 17, 2011

NYU Stern’s MBA newspaper, The Stern Opportunity, was featured.

The Philadelphia Inquirer: “PhillyInc: Enron Papers Now Available for Public Viewing”
March 16, 2011

NYU Stern was cited for incorporating the Enron scandal into the School’s coursework.

PRLog.com: “NAIOP New Jersey Honored as Association's Chapter of the Year”
March 16, 2011

NYU Stern students participated in the New Jersey Chapter of the Commercial Real Estate Development Association’s (NAIOP) first ever Collegiate Commercial Real Estate Case Study Competition.

Bloomberg Businessweek: “B-School Startups: Block Six Looks to Score”
March 14, 2011

Alumnus Adam Grossman (MBA '10) and Professors Aswath Damodaran and Glenn Okun were featured in a story about the company Grossman founded at NYU Stern, Block Six Analytics.

Bloomberg: “Hedge Funds Dunk Private Equity in Wall Street’s Charity Hoops Showdown”
March 11, 2011

Member of the NYU Stern Board of Overseers Ronald Blaylock (MBA '89) commented on the 13th annual Net Gain Tournament, a charity basketball game held at NYU.

FishbowlNY: “Tough Words From Bill Wackermann”
March 11, 2011

Publishing Director for Condé Nast Bill Wackermann’s lecture at NYU Stern on March 10 was featured.

The San Francisco Chronicle: “Evolution Marketing Research Names Chief Operating Officer”
March 11, 2011

MBA student Daniel Slawe’s recent appointment as COO of Evolution Marketing Research was featured.

Seeking Alpha: “Investors Need to Be Very Cautious About 'Cheap' AIG”
March 11, 2011

Vice Chairman of NYU Trustees and Chairman of the NYU Stern Board of Overseers William Berkley’s (BS '66) thoughts on American International Group, Inc., were cited.

iMarketNews: “February's US Deficit Looks Like the Worst Month of the Worst Year”
March 10, 2011

NYU Life Trustee and Chairman Emeritus of the NYU Stern Board of Overseers Henry Kaufman (PhD ’58) was cited for his thoughts on the US deficit.

NYULocal.com: “Guide to Majors at NYU: Environmental Studies”
March 8, 2011

NYU Stern faculty members were highlighted for teaching in NYU’s interdisciplinary Environmental Studies program.

States News Service: “MBA Students Create Sustainable Investment Portfolios in New Competition”
March 8, 2011

NYU Stern students participated in the International Impact Investing Challenge on April 8.

Crain’s New York Business: “A Global Forum for Student Entrepreneurs”
March 4, 2011

Alumnus Lewis Drummond’s (BS '10) company Fledgewing was featured in an article on pursuing entrepreneurship as a student.

La Tribune: “Giants LBO Poach in Hedge Funds to Accelerate their Transformation”
March 4, 2011

Co-chairman and co-CEO of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. Henry R. Kravis’s speech at NYU Stern on October 19, 2010, was highlighted.

The Wall Street Journal: “Real-Estate Titan's Milk Drops”
March 4, 2011

Member of the NYU Stern Board of Overseers Leonard Stern (BS '57, MBA '59) discussed his new initiative “Milk From the Heart,” which provides free milk to underprivileged families in New York City.

Bloomberg Businessweek: “The Best Undergraduate B-Schools of 2011”
March 3, 2011

NYU Stern’s undergraduate International Studies Program and new degree program, Business and Political Economy, were highlighted in a trend story on top undergraduate business schools’ push for a globally oriented education.

The Wall Street Journal: “B-School Bulletin”
March 3, 2011

Director of Executive MBA Recruitment and Admissions Heather Daly explained changes to the NYU Stern Executive MBA program's GMAT/GRE admissions requirement.

Washington Square News: “Stern Revamps Global Studies Program”
March 3, 2011

Interim Vice Dean and Interim Dean of NYU Stern’s Undergraduate College Frederick Choi spoke on changes in the undergraduate global studies program.

New York Post: “Degree Worth a Hill of Beans”
March 2, 2011

Belinda Di Giambattista (MBA ’05), winner of the 10th annual NYU Stern Business Plan Competition, was featured.

Financial Times: “Top 10 Hedge Funds Make $28bn”
March 1, 2011

Member of the NYU Stern Board of Overseers John Paulson (BS '78) was cited for his views on gold and housing, and his hedge fund’s performance in more than 80 international and national outlets.

Poets & Quants: “My Story: From Oklahoma City Mayor to an Executive MBA at NYU”
March 1, 2011

Executive MBA student and Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett shared his experience in NYU Stern’s Executive MBA program.

Poets & Quants: “TRIUM: A Unique MBA in New York, London & Paris”
March 1, 2011

TRIUM Global Executive MBA student Ivar Borge was interviewed about his experiences in the program.

The Wall Street Journal: “Fed Sees Recovery Picking Up”
March 1, 2011

In a speech given at NYU Stern on February 28, President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York William C. Dudley addressed the issue of excess reserves and shared his outlook on the US economy, with additional coverage in two American Banker pieces, CNBC and three other outlets.

Expert Commentary from Faculty

New York Post: “Low-budget Lion”
March 31, 2011

Professor Amir Malin shared his thoughts on the distribution patterns of micro-budget films.

The Wall Street Journal: “Buffet is Seen as Too Trusting”
March 31, 2011

Professor David Yermack commented on Berkshire Hathaway’s corporate governance, with additional coverage on MarketWatch.

ABC News: “Anti-Abortion Group Features President Obama on Chicago Billboards”
March 30, 2011

Professor Russell Winer commented on the controversial anti-abortion billboard campaign by the advocacy group Life Always.

Bloomberg: “Next US Terror Attack Might Come From New Toys”
March 28, 2011

In an op-ed, Professor Amity Shlaes argued that the rapid development of new technologies is increasing the tools available to terrorists, with additional pick-up on Bloomberg Businessweek, Arabian Business and three other outlets. In four other Bloomberg op-eds, she discussed parental misconceptions about prestigious universities, how the US can help Japan while benefitting itself, former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan’s new paper on investing and the upcoming film Atlas Shrugged: Part I, with additional pick-up in two Bloomberg Businessweek pieces, two Orange County Register pieces, two San Francisco Chronicle pieces and 10 other outlets. In a New York Post op-ed, she argued that the new for-profit K-12 institution planned for Manhattan’s Upper West Side will ultimately benefit the entire education system. She contended that structural problems at NPR lead to corruption in a Forbes op-ed. In an op-ed for National Review, she looked back at Warren Harding’s tenure as US president. Her skepticism of government infrastructure spending was cited on a Washington Examiner blog. Her op-ed arguing for a reduction in government intervention was cited on WallStreetPit.com.

Bloomberg TV: “Wosnitzer Interview”
March 28, 2011

Professor Robert Wosnitzer was interviewed on Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.'s Special Situations Group. In an interview, he discussed proprietary trading with AdvanceTrading.com.

eFinancial News: “No Need to Fear the Shadows”
March 28, 2011

In an op-ed, Professor Roy Smith discussed the push for regulation of the shadow banking sector. In another eFinancial News op-ed, he addressed the implications of the Dodd-Frank Act’s Volcker Rule on proprietary trading. A New York Times blog interviewed him on the proposed merger between New York Stock Exchange-Euronext and Deutsche Boerse. His thoughts on Goldman Sachs’s M&A practices and the company's drop in the US deal advisory rankings were cited on CNBC, Reuters and three other outlets.

The Jamaica Gleaner: “Business Persons, Academia Discuss Economic Crisis”
March 28, 2011

Dean Peter Henry spoke on the economic troubles facing Jamaica and the difficulty of doing business in the country.

Financial Times: “Sovereign Debt: Hard to Credit”
March 27, 2011

Professor Lawrence White shared his thoughts on the diminishing role of credit rating agencies. He discussed the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), financial regulation and the US economy and housing market on Bloomberg TV. He explained the benefits of having additional credit rating agencies on Treasury & Risk. National Journal featured his comments on the flaws inherent in the Dodd-Frank Act. He noted in American Banker that the Obama administration’s proposed replacements for housing mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are not substantially different from their predecessors.

Bloomberg TV: “Spence Says EU Burden Sharing Is Main Problem for Banks: Video”
March 25, 2011

Nobel Laureate Professor Michael Spence discussed the European debt crisis and the US, Japanese and Chinese economies. In an IMF Direct op-ed, he shared his views on rethinking the structure of economic policy following the financial crisis, with additional pick-up on Business Insider, Seeking Alpha and two other outlets. In an El Economista op-ed, he described global economic policies that would support global economic growth. He discussed fiscal stimulus and deficit spending in an op-ed for Mmegi Online. He discussed European debt and the outlook for US growth, employment and recovery in two Bloomberg pieces, Bloomberg TV and two CFR.org pieces. His thoughts on emerging markets were cited in The Wall Street Journal and MercoPress. His contention that China’s economic restructuring was a smart move that benefitted the world was picked up by two Xinhua News pieces, People’s Daily Online and LiveTradingNews.com. His thoughts on fuel and world commodity prices were featured on China Daily, CFR.org and eastday.com.

The New York Times: “Expectations Rise for Bailout of Portugal”
March 24, 2011

Professor Luis Cabral pointed out that risks remain for Spain in the bond market.

Washington Square News: “The Twitter Bird Swoops in on Madison Ave”
March 24, 2011

Professors Anindya Ghose and Arun Sundararajan’s thoughts on the reasons behind social media companies’ recent expansion of operations to New York City were cited. 

The Wall Street Journal: “Why European Banks are Stressed Out”
March 23, 2011

In a co-authored op-ed, Professor Kim Schoenholtz explored possible solutions to the European banking crisis.

Business Insider: “Can 'Charter Cities' Create Opportunity?”
March 22, 2011

Professor Paul Romer’s proposal for “charter cities” was featured, with additional coverage on The Library of Economics and Liberty and WallStreetPit.com. Sarasota Herald-Tribune cited his comment on the crisis-producing cycle of financial regulation.

Reuters Canada: “SXSW Goes High-Tech to Cut Through Media Clutter”
March 22, 2011

Professor Jeff Bronikowski commented on the role of AOL Music in the current media environment, with additional pick-up on CNBC and three other outlets.

Financial Times: “Bears in the Minority as Pressure is Piled On”
March 21, 2011

Professor Richard Sylla compared US stock recommendations to grade inflation in school. He gave instances of financially uncertain periods when the markets actually fared well for an Oregonian blog. He explained the reasons behind the sudden rush of gold investment on CBS News. He was cited on China’s position on US debt on Fox Business. His comments on why financial firms are moving their offices away from Wall Street were picked up by Bloomberg, New York Observer and three other outlets. He discussed the Museum of American Finance’s upcoming exhibit, “Alexander Hamilton: Lineage and Legacy,” which he guest curated, in Food Weekly News.

MyFoxNY: “Parking Ticket Discount Program May Be Axed”
March 21, 2011

Professor Robert Salomon spoke on the benefits of eliminating New York City’s parking ticket discount program, with additional pick-up on Vos Iz Neias?.

The Library of Economics and Liberty: “Some Data to Ponder”
March 18, 2011

Professor William Baumol’s explanation of why employment can rise in the education and healthcare sectors while decreasing in the manufacturing sector was cited.

Financial Times: “Remove the Risk Incentive From Bankers’ Pay”
March 16, 2011

In an op-ed, Professor Jennifer Carpenter and Vice Dean of Faculty and Professor Ingo Walter discussed the reform of bankers’ compensation, with additional pick-up on Investment Dealer’s Digest.

The Hollywood Reporter: “Campbell Scott, Anthony LaPaglia Short Films Picked for Tribeca Film Festival”
March 16, 2011

Professor Sharon Badal shared her thoughts on the short film program selection process of the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival, with additional coverage on IndieWire.com and Shockya.com.

Project-Syndicate.com: “Jobs and Structure in the Global Economy”
March 16, 2011

In an op-ed, Nobel Laureate Professor Michael Spence and Research Assistant Sandile Hlatshwayo discussed the structure of employment in the global economy and suggested possible policy responses, with additional pick-up on The Daily News Egypt, Malaysia Star and four other outlets.

Entrepreneur: “Using Social Media to Find the Right Customers”
March 14, 2011

Professor Jeffrey Carr shared tips on how to effectively use social media to reach customers, with additional coverage on another Entrepreneur blog.

The Huffington Post: “The Future of Macroeconomic Policy: Nine Tentative Conclusions”
March 14, 2011

Nobel Laureate Professor Michael Spence and Professor Paul Romer’s thoughts on financial regulation were featured.

Project-Syndicate.org: “The Economic Consequences of the Arab Revolt”
March 14, 2011

In an op-ed, Professor Nouriel Roubini explored the economic implications of political revolt in the Middle East, with additional pick-up in Aljazeera, Hong Kong Economic Journal, Slate.com and four other outlets. In an op-ed for Australian Financial Review, he argued for the need for a Middle East assistance plan. He listed the positive and negative indicators for a global economic recovery in an El Economista op-ed. His comments on the effects of Japan’s natural disasters on its economy and monetary policy were featured in two Bloomberg pieces, five CNBC pieces, The Guardian, New York Magazine and 10 other outlets. His thoughts on rising oil prices and the resulting threat of a recession were cited in six Bloomberg Businessweek pieces, three CNBC pieces, Fortune and 13 other outlets. He commented on the economic problems facing the Eurozone, a possible double-dip recession in the UK and the European Central Bank’s plan to increase interest rates in six Bloomberg pieces, Foreign Policy, The Wall Street Journal and eight other outlets. His positive outlook for the US dollar and other advanced economies was featured in a Forbes.com blog, The National, two Wall Street Journal pieces and two other outlets. His thoughts on the municipal bond market were cited on CNN Money, The New York Times, The Huffington Post and six other outlets. He explained the origins of the G-Zero world concept to CNBC. In an exclusive interview with Financial Times, he discussed the risks to the global economy, the Middle East and the prospects of US real estate. His views on a variety of other subjects were featured in 30 additional national and international outlets.

The Wall Street Journal: “For Stocks, Worries Get Harder to Ignore”
March 14, 2011

Member of the NYU Stern Executive Board and Professor Richard Bernstein (MBA '87) was highlighted for his confidence in the Federal Reserve. He observed on CNBC that many investors remain hesitant despite a positive trend in the economy.

The Wall Street Journal: “Inflation Protection: In Search of New Tactics”
March 14, 2011

Professor Robert Gordon differentiated among the available gold investments and explained their tax implications.

The New York Times: “Japan’s Industrial Heart Escapes Heaviest Blows”
March 12, 2011

Professor Edward Lincoln shared his thoughts on the effects of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami on its economy, with additional pick-up on CNN and two other outlets.

The Los Angeles Times: “Public Consequences of Pop Stars' Private Gigs”
March 10, 2011

Professor Samuel Craig discussed the public relations fixes available to celebrity artists who perform at private events for disreputable clients, with additional coverage on PopMatters.com and Postmedia News. His thoughts on Netflix’s acquisition of an original television series were featured on ABC News and Red Orbit.

The Wall Street Journal: “Television’s Senior Moment”
March 9, 2011

Professor David Poltrack explained the changing logic behind demographic age group targeting by TV network marketers, with additional coverage on Ad Age, The Hollywood Reporter and seven other outlets. His thoughts on “The Sony 3D Experience” were featured on TV Technology.

Psychology Today: “Spotting Lies Amidst the Truth”
March 8, 2011

In an op-ed, Professor Adam Alter discussed the findings of recent studies on lie-detection. He analyzed Bill Cosby’s business success in The Atlanta Post.

NY1: “Strategic Petroleum Reserves May Relieve High Gas Prices”
March 7, 2011

Professor Joseph Foudy shared his thoughts on President Obama’s possible plan to tap into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Reuters TV interviewed him on US fiscal policy as well as the current price for oil and its effects on developed and emerging markets.

Bloomberg: “Bond Market Shows Why Boehner Saying We’re Broke is Only Figure of Speech”
March 6, 2011

Professor Edward Altman’s comments on US debt were cited, with additional pick-up in Bloomberg Businessweek. His thoughts on the shape of the US economic recovery were referenced on TheDeal.com. His comments on Italy’s economic problems were picked up by Reuters.

Citywire: “Riskwatch: Finding the Most Dangerous Companies in the US”
March 3, 2011

The NYU Stern Systemic Risk Ranking, developed by Professors Viral Acharya, Thomas Cooley, Robert Engle and Matthew Richardson, is featured.

Bloomberg Businessweek: “Hedge Funds, Brokers in US May Face Fresh Calls for Risk Data”
March 2, 2011

Professor Thomas Cooley said that financial firms lack the incentive to disclose company data, with additional pick-up on Bloomberg. His co-authored op-ed on the competition-stifling nature of unions was referenced on Big Government.

The Banker: “Coming Out of the Shadows”
March 2011

In an op-ed, Professor Viral Acharya gave suggestions on how to regulate the shadow banking sector. In an op-ed for GFS News, he gave his thoughts on how to regulate the US mortgage market. He was cited on regulations for the derivatives market in Financial Times. National Journal cited his contention that housing risk in the US has not yet been fixed. His analysis of the financial transactions that caused Lehman Brothers to fail was cited on Bloomberg and Bloomberg Businessweek.

European Business Review: “Luxury in Zeros and Ones: Key Findings and Learnings from the 2010 L2 Digital IQ Index®: Luxury”
March 2011

In a co-authored op-ed, Professor Scott Galloway recapped the key takeaways from the 2010 Digital IQ Index for Luxury. His presentation, “Trends and Impacts on Digital Competence,” was referenced in The Tibet Post. He underscored the role of Donald Trump’s celebrity status in his run for president on ABC News.

Journal of Advertising Research: “From Silos to Synergy”
March 2011

In an op-ed, Professor Henry Assael discussed the potential of cross-media synergy.

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