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Cortne Edmonds (MBA ‘21) spotlights Association of Hispanic and Black Business Students Co-Presidents Asher Eddy (MBA ‘21) & Cynthia Salom (MBA ‘21), & Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion Gary Fraser: "Building A Legacy of Diversity & Inclusion."

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Excerpt from Poets & Quants--“'As we MBA students prepare to re-enter the workforce as future leaders, I believe that it is paramount that we stop to think of what we can do locally first,' says Asher. 'If Stern is the main local community that we operate in, AHBBS is the platform for us to facilitate conversation, engage members and allies, and effect change.'"

"Cynthia added that AHBBS has increased collaboration with Dean Gary Fraser, NYU Stern’s Associate Dean for Diversity & Inclusion, over the last year to have a greater impact. 'We worked closely with him to present the Anti-Racism Proposal to the rest of senior management and have worked with him to host panels regarding D&I issues, both generally and specifically related to COVID.'"

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