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Dean of Stern at NYU Abu Dhabi Robert Salomon podcast interview: "Stern at NYU Abu Dhabi: A Full-Time MBA in the Middle East."

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Excerpt from -- "The program is for anybody in the world. What we would like, however, is people who are interested in the region, people who are interested in the potential of building a career in Abu Dhabi, in the UAE, places like Dubai or the broader region...What people get in the classroom here isn't going to be very different from what they get in the classroom in New York or in MBA programs elsewhere. They are going to be prepared to be business leaders and business managers. So they are going to get the same kinds of core courses that they get in New York. We are bringing the same robust MBA program that we offer in New York here to Abu Dhabi, and we hope that this program will be appealing to people the world over, not just in the region, but beyond."

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