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In an in-depth feature, EMBA DC student Matthew Meade (MBA '21) discusses his forthcoming book, "Wisdom on the Way to Wall Street: 22 Steps to Navigating Your Road to Success," and explains what drew him to Stern

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Excerpt from Poets & Quants -- "Matthew Meade has his fingers on everything at JP Morgan Chase. As a vice president, Meade leads a seven-member team that covers 99 trading desks and 15 lines of business across the globe. In a nutshell, his job is to make work easier for everyone else. He examines every possible metric across the firm, assessing their value and limits, he says. From there, Meade moves this data onto digital platforms so anyone can drag, drop, and trend it. An unsung hero? More like the consummate team player. After all, Meade was once tapped to build a tech operation from scratch at JP Morgan Chase. He automated it so well that he wasn’t needed to run it. Don’t worry, Meade found plenty of internal suitors after he’d finished. To borrow one of his favorite phrases: 'Good word comes from good work.' Now, Meade is spreading the word in a different way. This month, he published his first book, Wisdom on the Way to Wall Street: 22 Steps to Navigating Your Road to Success. For Meade, the book is a look back over a 15 year Wall Street finance career as much as a roadmap forward. Forget tutorials on reinvestment risk and swap spreads. Meade focuses on the lessons that Wall Street honchos often take for granted: relentless learning, quiet reflection, and authentic interaction."

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