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In an in-depth Q&A interview, Professor Aswath Damodaran offers advice about investing in equities, managing long term accounts like 401(k) plans and how to best utilize stimulus checks from the government

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Excerpt from Business Insider -- "The first is what I call my bargain-basement bucket. These are companies that you know will be around after this crisis is done. You're gonna be able to get them at a price you could not have got them three months ago. Travel companies, Expedia, Booking, maybe even a couple of the oil companies, Conoco and ExxonMobil. The second is a much riskier strategy. You're buying stocks that are distressed, potentially could go under, but if they turn around, these could be the companies that pay off tenfold, twentyfold. There, you'd include some of the more troubled airlines, Delta, American, United. There is a chance they will not make it. With a payoff, you get a big upside."

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