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Fellow of the PhD Excellence Initiative J. Monroe Gamble IV feature, citing Prof & Dean Emeritus Peter Henry, the Initiative's Principal Investigator; research from Prof Paul Wachtel spotlighted: "Why Are There So Few Black Economists at the Fed?"

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Excerpt from The New York Times-- “Ms. Daly said Mr. Gamble had made a 'material change' at her Fed. And improving is a priority because, as she puts it, ‘policymaking reflects those around the table.’ Mr. Gamble is now in a predoctoral program at New York University. Mentors who helped him along the way, including Lisa Cook at Michigan State University, Ms. Daly at the Fed and now Peter Blair Henry — a leading Black economist whom he is working with at N.Y.U. — were critical links in the chain that is leading him to a Ph.D. His story suggests that diversifying is a matter of tearing down structural barriers that have long shut out talented people of color and offering support and inclusion once they arrive.”

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