Research Center Events

FinTech For Executives: Understanding and Managing Innovation in Financial Technology

Dates: May 6 - 8, 2019
Location: NYU Washington Square Campus, New York City
Cost: $5,400 (travel and accommodation not included)

FinTech and blockchain technologies have transformed financial services, disrupting every aspect of the industry from payments and wealth management to raising capital and market price discovery. At the same time FinTech has opened opportunities for incumbent organizations to develop new partnerships and improve operational efficiency from cost control, capital allocation to customer acquisition.

Taught by industry and academic leaders David Yermack and Kathleen DeRose, this course equips participants with an understanding of key FinTech concepts, strategies and implications. Participants will examine the evolution of financial technologies and digital currencies, and identify the pros, cons and opportunities surrounding these innovations. Participants will also learn about the regulatory frameworks currently in place to address privacy and law enforcement challenges. The course will close with a discussion from the C-suite perspective about the broader implications of artificial intelligence/machine learning on future job markets.

For more information on this short course for executives, please visit the course webpage.