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Fireside Chat with Yuriko Backes: Forged in Fire: The European Union in a World of Permacrisis

Yuriko Backes headshot
Date: Tuesday, November 29, 2:00-3:15pm
Location: 40 West 4th Street, UC-50 (Paulson Auditorium), NYU Stern School of Business

A member of the Eurogroup, which coordinates Euro area economic policies, and of the Economic and Financial Council (ECOFIN) bringing together the economy and finance ministers of EU member states, Yuriko Backes, Luxembourg’s first female finance minister, will provide insights into the European Union’s response to the key challenges of our time – from the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis to climate change and rising geopolitical tensions – and how the EU is fundamentally being (re)shaped by its collective response to these crises. As the finance minister of one of Europe’s largest financial centres, Yuriko Backes will notably focus on the macro-economic impact of today’s permacrisis and the role of the European Union in an emerging bipolar era.

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