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Full-time MBA student Krithik Tirupapuliyur (MBA '21) in-depth Q&A interview: "2021 Best & Brightest MBAs: Krithik Tirupapuliyur, New York University (Stern)."

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Excerpt from Poets & Quants-- "I picked NYU Stern because I wanted to be in New York City during my MBA. Being in the city has allowed me to have an immersive recruiting process, expose myself to amazing social experiences, and see business in action. During the recruiting season, I was able to tour the offices of many major companies (pre-Covid) and discover many smaller firms that I had never heard of. I get to try new cuisines every week and engage with people from all around the world on a daily basis. In the city, I am constantly surrounded by consumer behavior, technological innovation, and evolving business models. Seeing the concepts you read about in action really helps the course material stick."

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