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John Urschel in Conversation with Professor and Dean Emeritus Peter Henry

(From left to right) Dean Raghu Sundaram, John Urschel and Dean Emeritus Peter Henry


On March 22, NYU Stern welcomed John Urschel, PhD candidate in applied mathematics at MIT and former NFL player for the Baltimore Ravens, to campus for a fireside chat with Peter Henry, Professor and Dean Emeritus at Stern.
Professor Henry and Urschel discussed a variety of topics, including Urschel’s upbringing and commitment to both math and football as a college student-athlete, challenges as a starting offensive player in the NFL and the importance of giving back to the community.
Urschel outlined what he sees as the three main responsibilities of a mathematician:
  1. Solving problems and sharing what you learned with the world
  2. Being of service and collaborating with other scientists for the greater good
  3. Mentoring the next generation of thinkers 
Watch the full discussion below: