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Military Veterans Club Co-presidents Thomas Dunn (MBA ‘23) and Constantine Filipos (MBA ‘23) share their transition from the military to Stern, including participation in the School's Fertitta Veterans MBA Program: "Fridays from the Frontline."

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Excerpt from Clear Admit -- "Stern made the transition easier than I could have imagined through the Fertitta Veterans Program, named for alumnus Lorenzo Fertitta (MBA ’93) and his brother Frank J. Fertitta III thanks to their transformative gift to Stern. This Program allows first-year Veterans to start in July, where they take core classes while receiving tailored career coaching and early networking opportunities with target firms from various industries. This early start allowed me to feel confident and well prepared when the rest of my class arrived on campus for LAUNCH (Stern’s full-time MBA orientation), and consulting recruiting which kicked off a few weeks later. Reflecting on my transition, Stern is the best decision I could have made, not only because it has allowed me to achieve my career goals, but also because I know that when I graduate in May 2023, I will do so with a group of lifelong friends."

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