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NYU Stern Announces Preliminary Class Profiles for its New One-Year Andre Koo Tech MBA and the Fashion & Luxury MBA

NYU flags outside of the Henry Kaufman Management Center
Today, NYU Stern posted its preliminary inaugural class profiles for its new one-year MBA programs: The Andre Koo Technology & Entrepreneurship MBA and the Fashion & Luxury MBA

These innovative, focused programs, which represent a new category of MBA, have been developed in partnership with the business community to address a talent gap.  They are designed to deliver a rigorous and real-world educational experience that prepares students with a definitive career focus in tech, or fashion and luxury.
Here is the link to the Class Profile (Andre Koo Tech MBA / Fashion & Luxury MBA).   A few quick highlights of note:
Andre Koo Tech MBA
  • 42% women is comparable to 2-year MBA programs with the highest percentages of women
  • 87% bring coding experience, with many skilled in multiple languages; approximately 1/3 of the class majored in engineering, math or science and approximately 1/3 majored in business
  • 42% international (includes foreign nationals, dual citizens and US permanent residents) indicates both domestic and global demand  
Fashion & Luxury MBA
  • 54% previously worked in the retail or consumer products industry
  • Class composition includes an equal number of business and humanities majors at 35% each
  • Brands such as Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch and Max Mara are examples of prior employers
Class size is designed to maximize industry engagement at around 30 students per program for high-touch learning and built in “live case studies” with companies year round.