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NYU Stern/CBS Media Analytics Initiative Conference

NYU Stern's marketing department hosted a conference as part of the NYU Stern/CBS Media Analytics Initiative, a new program designed to advance cross-media research by providing a wider understanding of the nature of the interactions between television and other media platforms and how they influence consumer exposure and behavior. The conference featured remarks by Professor Henry Assael and Professor Priya Raghubir, followed by a discussion with Professor David Poltrack, Chief Research Officer of CBS and Leslie Wood, Chief Research Officer of Nielsen Catalina Solutions.

Professor Assael gave a brief overview of the unique partnership with CBS and Stern, where faculty are encouraged to submit research proposals in order to access proprietary data. He also suggested potential areas of research focusing on the synergies between media and television:
  • The interaction between TV ad exposure and exposure on mobile devices
  • Increasing number of platforms for TV shows and potential implications for targeting
  • Increasing footprint of social media and how it should be integrated with advertising
The conference wrapped up with presentations by Poltrack and Wood to an audience of faculty, alumni and students. Poltrack highlighted CBS’ perspective on research and outlined potential research initiatives and marketing trends that CBS has identified over the years. He also described CBS's unique media lab equipped with the latest biometric facilities to gauge consumer responses. Wood discussed Nielsen Catalina Solutions’ overall strategy as well as the research she has collaborated on with Poltrack.

Learn more about the initiative here.