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In an op-ed, Professors Jennifer Carpenter and Robert Whitelaw share lessons learned from China's stock market crash

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Excerpt from Foreign Policy -- "Few people who give international markets even a cursory glance can have missed the recent meltdown in China’s stock market. Between June 12 and July 8, the Shanghai and Shenzhen indices were down 32 percent and 40 percent, respectively, generating headlines around the world. After the authorities took dramatic steps to halt the plunge, the markets stabilized, but then dropped a record 8.5 percent last Monday. It is not too early to start extracting some lessons from this meltdown — lessons that could serve China well going forward. If the country is still committed to making the stock market one of the important components of its new, more market-based capital allocation model, then the recent collapse, while painful, could yet prove extremely useful."

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