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In a podcast interview, Professor Anindya Ghose shares takeaways from his joint research with Professor Xiao Liu on the effect of voice AI on consumer purchase and search behavior; his book, "Tap: Unlocking the Mobile Economy," is mentioned

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Excerpt from Working Capital Review -- "'These are the four verticals of AI. In each of these verticals, we have a race between the US and China and at least in on two of these verticals, China’s clearly ahead of the US in AI implementation – the first of which is consumer AI and the second of which is the perception AI. I think the third vertical the business AI, we are ahead of them mostly because we have a lot of really high quality unstructured data. In the fourth vertical the autonomous AI. It’s a neck and neck race right now brewing between, the Googles and Teslas with self-driving cars and they’re on counterparts in China.'"

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