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Professor and Dean Emeritus Peter Henry, Vice Chair of the Economic Club of New York, is spotlighted interviewing Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell: "Fed Chair Powell Says Rates Will Stay Low For a While, Citing Bleak Jobs Picture."

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Excerpt from CNBC-- "The American Recovery Act is currently being debated fiercely inside and outside the halls of Congress and one of the topics which has been under much discussion is the extent to which given that we are now below full employment and we have an output gap, given the numbers that are being debated presently in the American Recovery Act and what the implications would be for the increase in GDP that we would see as a result of these fiscal measures, what do you and your colleagues see in terms of the size of the gap we currently have in the economy at present relative to the increase in GDP that would bring us closer to the full-employment level of output, given the numbers that are being thrown around?"

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