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Professor Anindya Ghose discusses the future of mobile marketing, from his book, "Tap: Unlocking the Mobile Economy"

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Excerpt from Knowledge@Wharton -- "Mobile marketing is a powerful approach. Other forms of advertising... can't really come close to matching. But the reality is, in the digital world, a lot of folks find advertising on mobile devices annoying or intrusive and they strongly dislike these ads that ruin their browsing or consumption experience. But the reason this happens is twofold. One is: brands don't have enough information about consumer preferences, so they're showing them a bunch of ads, like throwing darts in the air, hoping one will stick. But in return, what happens is people get overwhelmed and annoyed by those offers and they tune out. So the solution here is figuring out an optimal balance where the number of offers should be less frequent than what it is right now and should be more relevant and targeted. And that's where I ... talk about this two-way communication between consumers and brands. If consumers are able to share more information about themselves, then brands are going to be able to use mobile as a concierge and as a butler, but not as a stalker."