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Professors Samuel Craig and Alvin Lieberman provide commentary on the launch of new platforms in the saturated streaming market

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Excerpt from Kanka News -- (Translated from Chinese using Google Translate) "New York University Business School professor Alvin Lieberman said, 'Netflix relies mainly on getting quality content from others, and now we can see that Disney is expected to surpass Netflix, because Disney owns the companies that create content.'...Samuel Craig, another professor at New York University's business school, pointed out that Disney's long-term success is highly probable, but it still requires a lot of capital investment in the early stage, and it will cost a lot of time. 'This is a war of burning money, especially at the beginning. Disney will lose a lot of time at the beginning, because there will be a lot of upfront investment. The accumulation of consumers will be relatively slow, and users will not start to flock.'"

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