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Professors Kathleen DeRose and David Yermack, along with MBA student Matthew Scannella, are interviewed about Stern's FinTech offerings

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Excerpt from US News & World Report -- "'...students are going to have no choice but to learn this material in five or 10 years,' [Yermack] says, recommending they start now. Kathleen DeRose, a clinical associate professor of finance at Stern, says this technology has a variety of profitable applications that many companies – including both century-old Fortune 500 firms like IBM and small startup operations – are using. Knowing how to use this technology is a highly marketable skill and could broaden a graduate's employer pool. Matthew Scannella, a Stern MBA student who is pursuing several specializations, including financial technology, says he decided to focus on fintech 'because of its potential to disrupt every vertical within the financial services industry.'"

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