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Professors Vasant Dhar, Nicholas Economides and Lawrence White are quoted in a story exploring what the late July Big Tech hearing revealed and what the future might hold for Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google

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Excerpt from BusinessBecause -- "Professor Nicholas Economides, of NYU Stern, says the Apple CEO's apparent lack of awareness over anti-competitive practices was hard to believe, and likely nothing but a PR stunt. Tough questions were levelled at Sundar Pichai for Google’s ad marketplace, where the company essentially acts as operator of the market, as well as the buyer and the seller, which Professor Vasant Dhar, also of NYU Stern, says risks stifling access and innovation in the digital economy. Professor Lawrence White, of NYU Stern, predicts that the Department of Justice will likely bring a case against Google for unduly favouring its own services in its advertising and search results."

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