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Recent commentary from Dean Raghu Sundaram is highlighted: “Predictions for Business & Society in 2021.”

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Excerpt from Aspen Institute -- “I believe that a variant of ‘Amara’s Law’ will apply as we emerge from the pandemic: changes in the short-term will be overestimated, and the impacts in the longer-term will be underestimated. In moving most or all classroom engagement online, we have learned what works well. Previous resistance to technology has lessened for both faculty and students. Perhaps the greatest impact will be in the increasingly different modes we use to engage full-time students versus part-time and executive students who are working professionals. Since time is in particularly short supply for the latter, we will increasingly leverage technology to foster and sustain engagement and to create even greater flexibility for them. So too will we embrace technology in new ways to catalyze alumni engagement and lifelong learning for our alumni global communities.
—Raghu Sundaram, Dean and Edward I. Altman Professor of Credit and Debt Markets
NYU Stern School of Business”

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